Care and Dare 2017: FashionABLED


Do Do So


From May 13 to September 18, 2017


Disabled persons and public

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Reduced Inequalities

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Care & Dare 2017: FashionABLED which is
about the special needs of fashion for the disabled. The project aims to build the
self-confidence of the disabled and bring out social awareness to the needs of different
disabled people, ultimately promote social inclusion and reduce inequality.
Many disabled people, especially the physical disabled ones, have shared their
difficulties in finding budgeted suitable clothes for daily life, not to mention fashionable
clothes. Through this campaign, we target to pair up a group of caused motivated
emerging designers with a group of disabled models to design extraordinary fashion
pieces according to the models’ specific needs and background stories, and showcase in
public during the closing ceremony which will be held like a social inclusion carnival.


The project will have 5 stages – (1) Video promotion in March: we will invite 2 disabled
persons as spokesperson to share their difficulties on buying suitable clothes and special
needs for clothes. (2) Opening Ceremony target to be held on 13th May late afternoon at
The Annex (The Mills) with disabled people, designers, and commercial representatives
being invited for a sharing session on this topic. (3) Meet Up Design Workshop to invite
interested designers for another meet up session to facilitate their discussion with
disabled models. (4) Closing Ceremony – Social Inclusion Carnival is targeted to be
held in early August in shopping mall. A mini fashion show will be held for disabled
model to showcase their customized fashion, and different NGOs will be invited to
organize booths for public to participate. (5) Exhibition for publics for the designed
fashion in D2 Place


The opening ceremony was successfully held on 13 May at The Annex, Nan Fung Place, Central with over 150 participants and guests with disabled people, students & designers, and commercial representatives had been invited for a sharing session on this topic.

We are delighted to have Mr. Stephen Sui Wai-Keung, JP, Secretary for Labour and Welfare as Guest of Honor and Ms Yim Chor Pik, Rabi, President of Direction Association for the Handicappedas our Campaign Ambassador.

Opening program includes sharing by other distinguished guest speakers such as Mr Law Wai-cheung Willy, MH, Chairman of Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre Alumni Association, Mr Ming Chau, Director of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, Mr. Alvin Yip, winner of Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award 2011, Ms Mini Tang, former CEO in Asia Pacific region of Kering Group and Ms Alice Chu, Associate Professor and Programme leader of BA (Hons) in Fashion Design of Thei, with facilitator being Mr. Brian Cha, founder of Mooofit, a motivational speaker who broke 3 Guinness World Records. The 10 inspiring FashionABLED Models were introduced in the opening ceremony.

Over 20 NGOs and Supporting Organisations supported, and media attended includes WeTV, City Magazine, TVB News, HK01.

13 May 2017 Government News reported FashionABLED opening in government website.

19 May 2017 Takungpao reported FashionABLED opening

Media interview
Interview by onTV 東網電視 and video shooting for WeTV 無障礙媒體 with more in depth meet up between design students and models was held on 17 June. Supported from our Ambassador, Rabi, and Dr Chan from TheI, Mindy from Hong Kong Association of the Deaf, and Tony from Hong Kong Federation of the Blind, our design students not only learned to communicate with and understand the needs of our models, they have also been inspired by the models and deeply touched by the positivity despite many challenges faced.

vi) Closing Ceremony – Social Inclusion Carnival and mini Fashion Show
The closing ceremony was held on 13 Aug at Fashion Farm Foundation, D2 Place, with Prof. Alfred Chan, Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission (平等機會委員會主席陳章明教授) as our as Guest of Honor. The closing ceremony gave opportunities for our disabled models to showcase their customized fashion designed by local fashion design students with professional mentors. The event was supported by many NGOs, such as Support Employment for People with Disabilities (SEPD 創業軒), Direction Association For The Handicapped (路向四肢傷殘人士協會), The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong(香港心理衞生會), The Salvation Army (救世軍) etc. which organized booths for public to participate.

Winning pieces were selected by our star panel judges consisting of:
Ms Janet Ma (馬詩慧), renowned super model in Hong Kong;
Ms Mimi Tang, former CEO in Asia Pacific region of Kering Group
Mr. Leo Chan, MH, Director of Fashion Farm Foundation
Ms Grace Lam, renowned stylist and former fashion editor at Vogue China
Ms Dora Chu, founder of Maison Vermillion

vii) Exhibition for the designed fashion
The 10 final pieces were exhibited at D2 Place after the closing ceremony, continue raising awareness to general public in making Hong Kong a social inclusive shopping paradise for everyone.


It has been a memorable experience for me to learn and grow through serving in the 2017 board.
I would like to thank President Dodo for giving me such opportunity and for her trust and
encouragement. Big thanks to area advisor Past President Maureen Chu Lo, MH, Vice President
Davina Wong and Officer Christina Ip for all support in Community Development area
Biggest applause to FashionABLED project team for making this meaningful project possible.
Very well done to the amazingly dedicated Chairman Phoebe Lee, Deputy Chairman Annie
Cheung, Closing Ceremony Sub-com Chairman Marie Kam, OCs Audrey Yip, Bau Bau Chung,
Christina Ip, Jenny Kwan, Marcella Ho, Sammi Koon and Yuki Wong. Thank you to all our
Past Presidents, senior members, members and friends throughout the year who supported the

It is in spreading the seeds of kindness, showing more care and love to each other, that we
overcome many challenges together to create a more harmonious community. I’m thankful for
the opportunities given to me and I look forward to another wonderful year to be inspired as
well as inspiring others. Hope we can leverage our synergies together for more positive changes
in the years to come!

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