JCI City Plus - Impact Talk


Tasweena Girdhari


August 30, 2017


JCI City Plus Members, Past Presidents, Senators, Aspiring Members, Members of other Local Organisations

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Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

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Education and Economic Empowerment


The Impact Talk has been a platform for the Past Presidents of JCI City Plus to share their experience as Local President and it has focused on the One Year to Lead philosophy and how the different challenges and opportunities during their year have helped them grow personally and as a Leader.


As we sail along the shores of our 10th Anniversary which marks a chapter of our history, we reckon that we have traveled a long way from our inception till date. We have had our good and hard times whereby we've learnt to adjust our sail to keep moving towards achieving our objectives.
Through hardship, we've been humble enough to learn from our mistakes and Be Better. With the good times, we nurtured our passion, motivation and strengthened our bond. Throughout our sails, we have had the opportunity to have our Captains to guide us to the shore year by year.
The theme of the talk was based on this year's motto "Lead With Passion".


We had members, aspiring members and senators from all 5 local organisations of JCI Mauritius. We were around 35 attendees in total.
It was after a very long time that past members, past presidents, current members are meeting on the same platform. The Impact Talk was a successful talk and above all very interactive. The audience had many questions and all Past Presidents were very engaged with the audience.
After the Impact Talk, the audience suggested having another session of this kind. Learning from the experiences of Past Presidents is very enriching when it comes to the JCI career of the members.


Some members have suggested having another Impact Talk. For another Impact Talk, it would be great and more enriching to bring past members as well so that they can relate their JCI adventure.

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