Easter Egg Appeal


Epi Mabika


From March 6 to 31, 2017


Disadvantaged children in Bradford and the wider West Yorkshire region.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

No Poverty

Development stage

Health and Wellness


The purpose of this project was to provide development opportunities for our members and volunteers to directly address the needs of Bradford’s most impoverished communities (addressing SDGs 1 and 3) by providing some much needed positivity at a time of celebration within our society. Easter is a time of celebration in the Western world and this is often celebrated through the giving and consumption of Easter Eggs. Spreading happiness during this festive season was the least we can do and by encouraging members, volunteers, businesses and members of the community to donate eggs, this will ‘give a smile’ to a disadvantaged child in Bradford during that festive season.


JCI Bradford hosted a planning meeting in February 2017 in order to discuss this years’ Easter Egg Appeal (in it’s third year). Since it’s commencement, we raised 1,000 in the first year and 2,500 in the second year so, in order to build on this success and include learnings from last time, we hoped to grow the number of Easter Eggs collected.
Following the planning session, communication was sent to past volunteers, local businesses and strategic partners, encouraging them to become involved in the appeal; be that through running local drives in their place of work or hosting a members and volunteers to man stands within public drop-off points.
JCI Bradford received sponsorship from a local shopping centre to fund radio advertising with a local radio station, printed flyers and basic supplies needed to deliver the project (elastic bands, name tags)  etc.).
Members then produced a list of charities to engage in the project (10 in total) who have interactions with Bradford’s disadvantaged children (from social services to women’s abuse centres). We approached all, asking them if they’d like to be involved in the project, and also how many Easter Eggs fall under their catchment area (between 50 and 500).
We then proceeded to work with local businesses and partners and also manned one stall on three separate weekends throughout March (using 8 volunteers and 3 members) in order to collect Easter Eggs from the public. Members (both present and past) supported with the logistical challenge of bringing all Easter Eggs to one storage facility (held at Carlisle Business Centre).
Then, at the end of March, charities were invited to send selected representatives in order to collect Easter Eggs to be distributed across the disadvantaged children and families they provide support to.


In total, JCI Bradford achieved the following:
• 3,500 Easter Eggs collected
• 3,500 children impacted
• 30% membership involvement
• One sponsorship partner and one strategic partner
• 30 local businesses
• Donations from over 500 members of the public.


We intend on running the project again in 2018 and, due to resounding public demand, will be expanding our programme to include significant strategic partners who can support with further business engagement and the nomination of volunteers to manage capacity and logistical planning.

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