Jom Check Eyes Awareness Campaign 4.0


Joyien Chiew


November 1, 2017


Students, parents, teacher, public and JCI Members

People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


To increase the awareness on the importance of take care the healthy of eyes that had been neglected in this technology era and reduce the possibilities of short-sightness among the new generation.


In these technology era, electronic had become a trend in which cause a lots of children are wallowing in gadget’s games. However, there is a hidden killer that are killing the children’s health which the killer are what we call “Blue-Ray”. Blue-Ray is existing on smartphone, gadgets. laptop or even LED light. These Blue-Ray can go through cornea and direct inject on macular and hurt the eyesight of the children which the subsequent maybe short-sightness, cataract, or even blind.

After the successful of Jom Check Eyes Awareness Campaign in, SJK (C) Buloh and SJK (C) Hwa Nan, we continue to upgrade the awareness campaign to SJK(C) Cheng Siu (1) by including story sharing by our experience member Andy who are blind.

More than that, we also invite the join of Proper Posture Pen that can reduce the risk of short-slightness. The building up of the eyes health corner also help to share the eyes health knowledge from time to time.


There are total 399 students benefit from the even through eyes examination and experience the situation of lost of sight through the games. More than that, the students also learn how and why to protect their eyes through the video sharing and explanation by the COC. The most importantly is that our partner E-Meng Optical able to learn together with JCI member on using Active Citizen Framework to organise an event that create sustainable solution for the environment that help in their CSR Programme.


Jom Check Eyes Awareness Campaign is a program to increase the good health of the community by reducing the short-slightness and increase the eyes health of the citizen which to ensure to reduce the risk of blind in the future by reducing root cause of blind in the future- short slightness.

Hence, it is highly recommended to corporate with more partners especially globally or NGO or JCI in other state which we can organise more Jom Check Eyes Awareness Campaign in different community in order to allow more citizen can benefit from it by learning how to protect and take care their eyes.

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