Asia Youth Exchange Program 2017


Ka Man Lai


From January 1 to August 31, 2017


All youth and JCI members from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Manila, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietname

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Asia Youth Exchange Project is a 6-day program aiming to promote the SDG Goals to young students between the age of 12 to 14 from Asia. The program is co-organized by 9 countries, JCI Bauhinia (Hong Kong), JCI Elite (Malaysia), JCI Uji (Japan), JCI Phnom Penh (Cambodia), JCI Yogyakarta (Indonesia), JCI Manilena Inc (Manila), JCI Sitzyywan (Taiwan), JCI Samut Songkhram (Thailand), JCI Hanoi (Vietname).

This program aims at facilitating international exchange between young citizens in the world by living under the same roof. We have the global vision of Creating Positive Change to the World by spreading the important message of SDG Goals and leading the global network to be better. We mobilize not just the youth, but the people all around the world to commit to creating peace.

This program also helps strengthen the relationship between different JCI chapters and sustain the concept of equal opportunities among the youth by sponsoring students from lower income families.



1. “The UN Goal - Peace and SDG” Program

As JCI, we care about the world. We discuss with participants how peace and SDG Goals could be achieved. Participants were asked to draw pictures representing the 17 SDGs and share their thoughts on how these SDGs could be practiced in the society and how countries in the world could cooperate to achieve the goals.

2. Camp Program

The program ranges from peace and SDGs discussion to trust building activities, to JCI introduction in order to train up our future leaders and plant the seeds for recruiting potential participants to join JCI.

Through living under the same roof, the participants learn about the importance of being considerate and understanding the needs of other participants, and thereby train up their internal qualities to be a better person with vision to create world peace.

‘Spread love, hug and cheer up’ section built a heartfelt connection between participants with people from different parts of the world.

3. Cultural Experience Program

Peace begins with human connection. The Cultural Night activity serves the purpose of direct exchange of cultures between countries by tasting food from other countries. The participants introduced their own countries and experienced Malaysian culture. Presentations prepared by participants before the camp also facilitates the exchange of ideas between participants and escorts and strengthen their understanding about each country, connecting us as one big JCI family.

4. Homestay Program

Each overseas participant and escort was assigned to stay with one local family for 3 days. It gave the members direct taste of living and dining as a local and fully immersing themselves in the local environment. The hosting family also has a chance to exchange ideas with the members and experienced a unique hosting experience.

5. School Visitation Program

The overseas participants were given a chance to have half-day lessons from History Class to Science Class in Chung Ling High School with the Malaysian participants. Participants and escort learnt and shared about the differences in education systems among different countries and possible exchange programs to be hosted in the future to empower young people to become active citizens to solve local problems or serve the community.

6. Post-Exchange Social Service
We learn and we contribute. As our future young active citizens, the participants are required to organise their own social service. We finally coordinate with a scout team (age 6-8) in Hong Kong to visit the elderly centre. With more than 50 elderly and 30 scout team, the HK participants are required to lead the scout kids to decide the program rundown of the social service, reinforcing their leadership skill and training them to be next young active citizen to contribute to the society, empower the even young generation for sustainable development, and develop their own personal skills.



Government Support: We have gained support from Child Development Fund, Labour and Welfare Bureau, and published our program in their magazines.

Citizen Participation: Asia Youth Exchange Program provided opportunities for the participants, the future leaders and JCI members to take positive actions for bridging relationship across the globe and establishing the preliminary step for creating world peace.

Business sector Support: A total of 15 CSR sponsors & corporate sponsors provided financial support to Asia Youth Exchange Project, sponsoring over HK$100,000 including but not limited to cash, food and accommodation.

What’s MORE?

Global recognition: The program was awarded Best Local OMOIYARI Project and nominated Best Inter-organization Collaboration Project in 2016 Asia-pacific Conference held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is a tremendous encouragement to us to continue the hard work of delivering the spirit of OMOIYARI to the world.


The absence of peace somewhere, is the absence of peace everywhere. For peace to prevail, we must spread the ideas to as many societies and people as possible. We must think of ourselves as global citizens, not just citizens of our community and country. It is recommended to carry out more joint-project between chapters as they promote international understanding among public & JCI members (local & overseas) which is in line with one of the JCI Values “that brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations” thus promoting WORLD PEACE through embracing cultural diversity.

With no doubt, not only the participants, the escorts and JCI members also learnt a lot about the differences between countries, and had better idea in how to achieve OMOIYARI, cultural harmony and get along with people around the globe, such that OMOIYARI and positive changes could be achieved. More chapters in Hong Kong are asking JCI Bauhinia the said program and what their chapters could help in the future. It is believed that the positive impacts of the program has attracted the attention of other chapters to follow in the future.

To create a greater impact, it is recommended to invite more JCI chapters from other countries to join the program as well, so that more human connection could be made and more young people could be benefited from the program; and more JCI members could collaborate to organize the project together to widely spread the message of OMOIYARI, establish a greater global network and connect all JCI members around the globe.

It is also recommended to include more voluntary work during the program to create a sense of commitment to be an active citizen and create a better world through care, commit and connect.

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