Jamela Street


Darlington Ndoro


September 2, 2011


Mbare Community comprising Chirodzo Primary and Secondary Schools, locals and a nearby church

People impacted



To promote cleanliness in the City of Harare


The Jamela Street Clean-Up exercise which began on the 4th of June,2011 was conducted to launch the Buy-A-Bin Campaign, another JCI CIty project being run with the aim of creating a litter free environment through the availability of refuse bins. The clean-up also coincided with the JCI Week (1-7 June) and the object was to create positive change in the Mbare Community. This was to be done by restoring the status of Jamela Street, which had literary become a dumpsite and a major health hazard to the local residents, school children and churchgoers as the the street was no longer 'usable'. Given that the dumpsite had been in existence for over 2 years, the major object was for JCI City to partner with the local city council (City of Harare) as well as the community to fight against environmental pollution.


1) Locals to be supplied with refuse bins 2) The City Council to collect refuse at least weekly to avoid cumulation of garbage 3)Locals to be educated on how to recycle litter e.g bulding of compost heaps 4) Follow ups meetings urging the community to maintain cleanliness in their streets to be done at least monthly.


1) Increased media coverage of JCI City 2) Opportunity to recruit and increase JCI City membership 3) The Local organisation manage to foster strategic relations with the Harare City Council - a major goal crucial for other projects mainly the Buy-A-Bin Campaign 4) JCI City was successful in getting to partner with JCI Harare as well as the National Executive in actual street cleaning. Members of the JCI CIty also managed to proceed to join JCI Harare at a Local Orphanage soon after the cleanup. 5) The initiation of the street cleaning exercise on the 4th of June 2011 marked the closure of International JCI Week 6) The project ignited the clean up of nit only Jamela Street but the whole of mbared within a week of the excerscise.

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