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Ayşegül Yağcı


From February 3 to December 31, 2018


Disadvantaged groups, disabled people and their families, Schools with poor conditions, village schools, children in women's shelters, children in Social Services and Children Protection Institutions and people with high socioeconomic status, people who consume too much.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Responsible Consumption and Production

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


This project aims to create an awareness about gradually increasing environmental pollution and increasing degeneration of emotion and and take action for it to reach a happier and more sustainable society.


Root Cause: Consumption Madness

Action plan: First a pool is created out of products that have small active use in daily life, with the purpose of bringing them into effective use. Then an announcement is made through the social media. During the event, beautiful decorations are made on the collected goods. It can either be done by the collector or the recycling workshops organized in the cities together with the participants. In our project a workshop in a Shopping mall is done.
Transformed gifts are given to students with disabilities and to the students form schools that have poor conditions.


The project is a Re-cycling adventure started by making doll dresses out of old T-shirts of Ceren Çiftçi, the Project Originator. She created a blog to share her Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas, and continued passionately by the joy of seeing the inspiration on others. ( )

This project is a win win project: It liberates people who are lost in Consumption Madness (group 1, Gift-Givers), while making disadvantaged people or children (group 2, Gift-Takers) happy for getting presents.
Gift-Givers enjoy the hobby of DIY as they produce gifts out of their waste, they interact with disadvantaged people or children more in a warm and joyful way, thanks to presents, and they start to be mindful about their consumption as they see the happiness of Gift-Takers. Both groups gets to interact and socialize more for more, which may also cause collaboration opportunities and a better understanding between them.

In the first step of this project a public event in one of the biggest shopping malls has been organized and announced. The Project started on a hall of this mall on saturday morning in collaboration with 17 children and their family from İzmir Down Syndrome Association, just across “İyilik Atölyesi” in which the waiters and waitresses are people with Down Syndrome. Together with them nearly 20 JCI İzmir Members and Candidates, their family, their children, their friends has also come. Also people who heard this event on Social Media have joined this event. They all brought un-used goods from their home and sit on a table to make gifts from them instead of throwing them to trash. They sit and brainstorm together to make gifts for the people with Down Syndrome there sitting by them, or for the children from a primary School in Iğdır, which is a low-income group, or for the Children in İzmir Çimentaş Elementary School.

The shopping mall visitors and their children who saw the event has also joined the DIY team on the table, and enjoyed making gifts. They appreciated the event very much and some asked how to follow-up future events. The social media accounts has been
shared with those.
Some of the gifts has been given to people with down syndrome and their family who joined the event and made the gifts all together according to each other's wishes.
Some of the gifts has been Given to Children in İzmir Çimentaş Elementary School with direct interaction.
Some of the gifts has been posted to an Primary School in Iğdır, which is a low-income group.


It Socialized and Motivated disabled individuals with recycling workshops together with all the attendees. I has given all attendees;
* awareness about the consumption madness,
* Chance of socializing with each other,
* Chance of sharing and understanding each other.
Seeing how unused goods can make people happy, keep attendees away from unnecessary consumption.

500.000 through direct and indirect contacts. Thanks to the attendance and social media posts of partners, and the following 11 news about this project. The partner's posts has been mentioned in partner's list. Links of the news are below. And related photos are attached.

Full list of Team Members :
Ceren Çiftçi
Ayşegül Yağcı
Şeyda Elif Guven
Anıl Otru
Altuğ Türkdalı
Pınar Ercan
Engin Çavuş
İpek Tütüncüoğlu
Koray Güzer
Pınar Ercan
Serkan Tunalı
Berna Tunalı
Bensu Öğüt
Kerem Kısa
Onur Ertuğrul
Mikail Çakmak
Shahlo Nazarova
Tülay Coşkun
Mustafa Coşkun
Aybeniz Altın
Ayşegül Zengin
Mikail Çakmak
Onur Ertugrul
Ertugrul Sabah
Seher Sabah
Ekin Kılıç
Fariz ahmedov (JCI Baku)


Partners from government, Non-Government and Private sector can all be connected and we are still widening our connections. Partners can be Associations for Disabled People, Schools, Hospitals, Villages, non-governmental organizations, Social Services and Children Protection Institutions and any one who volunteers.

This Opportunities and target of this Project is a limitless and it gets better with more attandance.

We suggest this project to be accepted and repeated as a Global Project.

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