Experience JCI Whitby


Astrid Elena Wadnipar-Machon


September 9, 2011


JCI Whitby, JCI Canada, new members and community

People impacted



To recruit 10 new members for JCI Whitby


Experience JCI is an event to sell JCI Whitby as the best organization for young professionals in the area. Around 100 prospective members attend this professional and fun event, where we showcase JCI Whitby and all the benefits and opportunities of becoming a member. It is an evening to network and get to know about the best organization for young professionals in the area. New members get a chance to WIN a luxury lifestyle weekend including a Mercedes-Benz for the weekend, a one year membership from Tranquil Garden (valued at $250) and 2 passes for a golf course. After the event we invite the new members to a special meeting where we explain in depth what JCI is about and the different programs the chapter organize. At this meeting they sign up for the committees they want to work. This is a great way to activate this new members and help them take advantage of all opportunities we offer.


This is a very succesful program, and we recommend to do it twice a year. Also we recommend to assign a buddy or mentor to each new member. This person is a senior member who will keep in touch permanently, motivate them to participate in projects and meetings and let them know more about our organization.


We count with 15 new members, who will bring their ideas and will help strengten the chapter. This event helps to raise awareness of JCI Whitby. We were portrayed in the local newspaper, we were interviewed in a local TV program (Daytime) and thanks to social media, now at least 1,200 people know that there is an organization for young people that provides leadership, community involvement, networking and development opportunities. Since we approached several companies, we opened the possibility to corporate partnership with Mercedes Benz and TriOS College. And all this also reflects in the National Organization, that counts with more members that eventually will contribute to its continuation.

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