Best Broker saison 2


Yéma Emmanuel D'Almeida


September 12, 2011


Students, workers, professional stock brokers and the general public

People impacted



to set out the running, the tools and organs of the stock market. To be acquainted with the financial techniques without any training in business management. To promote stock exchange professions. To sensitize on saving in stock exchange. To demystify fluctuations of the international stock market.


Candidates must send e-mails to with the following particulars: names (last and first), telephone number, e-mail address, town of residence. A confirmation e-mail in which are included a code of reference, the basic instructions’ document of the broker and a virtual amount of 1.500.000 dollars Jaycees. Follow up the stock exchange activities on the following website every Tuesday: Send by email your intentions of sales or buying of shares every Thursday latest by 12 midnight. The best intentions will be retained according to the corresponding shares and an e-mail will be sent only to the corresponding candidates latest by Sundays. It is important to notice that during the game three types of basic money will be made available. They are the Jaycees Dollars, the Cauris (1 Cauris = 126.5 Jaycee dollars) and the New Cauris (reevaluation of the Cauris; 1 old Cauris = 1,478 New Cauris).


For the prosperity and the teachings that resulted from the piloting of the project, the commission has recommended that: the project Best Broker be repeated or reprogrammed once again for the year 2011 term by our local organization. In order to promote the economic good governance, it is recommended also to associate the junior chamber entrepreneurs or non entrepreneurs to the project requesting the simulation of their activities’ structures on a virtual game. For this will give a good image to quotations on the stock markets.

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