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Le Kim Kieu Nguyen


From January 1 to December 31, 2017


People at remote areas

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Sustainable Development Goal

Affordable and Clean Energy

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Education and Economic Empowerment


- Promoting for the 3rd and 7th goal in Sustainable development goal by UN
- Helping the local people to get closer to the modern life
- Educating childen who travel with their parents about how difficult the life would be without electricity.


The Light distributes electric generator by using solar energy to the remote areas in Vietnam, where people are living in poverty had never heard about "electricity"


In 2016, Sing for the Darahoa - the charity concert has raised up to 215 million VND (in cash and in kind) for the Light Project 2016 & 2017.
The concert has inspired more than 200 audiences who are the young businessmen in Ho Chi Minh City via true stories told by true people.

Futhermore, after the charity concert, we immediately conducted the travel survey and distributed solar generators in the two following locations:
1. Đồng Nai Province
We piloted one generator in Đồng Nai Province before launching the project in Lam Dong.
The sponsored house was in the jungle. We had to walk more than 3km to charge the battery.
2. Lâm Đồng Province
At Darahoa**, we sponsored and established 1 big electric generator system and 1 TV connected to Internet at the school to support the teaching and studying. We also sponsored one big generator for the common house of the villagers and 5 small ones to the typical houses.
•• (Darahoa is an isolated village in the north of Lam Dong, Viet Nam. Then villagers live in self-sufficient ways. Most of their activities start at 5 a.m and finishes at 6 p.m due to the shortage of light.

In 2017, we sponsored and established 2 electric generators and fan system to the school. Besides, we re-paint the school and gave away the old clothes for the children in the village in Binh Thuan Province, Viet Nam.

Early in 2018, beside giving the generators, The Light cooperated with Program "Sát Cánh cùng Gia Đình Việt" on sponsoring 200 eye surgeries for rough people (equivalent to 140.000.000 VNĐ), this is also The turning point of The Light Project when we propose the proposal to the Sponsor in 2017.

Besides, instead of the continued exponential growth that is modelled by the JCI East Saigon - JCI Viet Nam team, we are looking forward to receiving more companionship of JCI International Friends.

Before JCI came to Darahoa, KPMG Singapore had sent the teachers to Darahoa to teach some extra curriculum on the weekend. The teachers proposed to build a school for the children here. KPMG was still considering at that time.
When JCI brought “The Light" to this small village, KPMG* started to build a new school here as they thought “They can even bring the electricity to those poor people, why can't we build them a school?"
(*KPMG is a professional service company and one of the Big Four auditors.)

After building a new school, the teachers countinued to propose to other organizations about "supplying facilities" to the school. YMCA** had launched that project after hearning about their story "Our journey since we had electricity and school". Ms. Sương (the teacher) wishes to bring a better life conditions to her poor students in order that they can have a better education for their future.
(** YMCA is The Young Men's Christian Association, commonly known as the YMCA or simply the Y, is a worldwide organization based in Geneva Switzerland with more than 2 billion beneficiaries from 125 national associations.


The Light Project was honored to appear on the JCI International website and magazines and was recalled by the World President at the World Congress in 2017 in the Netherlands.

This year, The Light Project is nominated by JCI Viet Nam as The Best Local Growth and Development Program at JCI ASPAC:
Programs run by JCI Local Organizations and members that aim to grow JCI in order to create development opportunities for more young people in their community.
- Strategic Plan
- Involvement of Local Board of Directors and Members
- Methods of implementation Ÿ Results Achieved
- Long-term Impact of the Program

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