A different celebration of the World Forest Year


Murat Türker


September 15, 2011


JCI Antalya Branch members and candidate members, students of Akdeniz University ( departments of Fine Arts, Conservatory, Cinema and Television and Business Administration), JCI Turkey Branch members , JCI Turkey Senators , children and their families, t

People impacted



The objectives of this project are, -To increase the environmental awareness of JCI members, youth and citizens. -To create awareness on environmental protection. -To give messages about saving forests, and to set a good example by expanding forests. -To give messages about how important the forests are in our lives. -To warn people about how disappearance of our forest affect our lives, environment and animals. -To inform children about protection of environment and by participating our forestry plantation activity make them active members who in the future will be environmentally conscious individuals. -To create awareness on sustainable environmental consciousness. -To support “Ensure Environmental Sustainability” aim of UN Millennium Development Goals.


In order to have 1 ton of paper; * 60 30-year-old trees * 300 Kwh energy, * 60.000 liters of water, * 400 kg fuel oil is consumed. On the other hand, a 100 year-old beech tree, by drawing 30 tons of water a year, prevents flood and erosion and consumes carbon dioxide that is produced by 40 people a year. Also, a 25 meters tall beech tree produces 1, 5 kg of oxygen per hour. In the forests thousands of species inhabit. Fires, butchering and eradications result in a decline in their number, extinction of those species and abolishment of endemic plants which destroys the ecological balance. General public should be educated and become aware of the subjects like the protection of natural resources, environment, and soil and to fight against erosion and forestation. As being active citizens it is our responsibility to create this awareness and love of forests and nature. Moreover, environmental sustainability is one of the important part of UN Millennium Development Goals. Starting with these facts and statistics, we, JCI Antalya branch created this project to take an action by calling attention on the subject on World Forestry Day with series of activities.


A social project was started with the participation of JCI Antalya members, candidate members, university students and all environmentally conscious and socially responsible citizens are called in order to raise public consciousness on environmental awareness to fight against global warming, deforestation, and natural disasters. In this project, different poster designs were distributed through social media networks and managed a parade on March 20. The needed permissions for the parade were taken by helpful approach of governorship and City Guild’s Office and the parade, starting form Selekler Çarşısı through Old City and Karaalioğlu Park, happened on Sunday. The project team prepared special hats to wear during the parade on a workshop. The forest theme hats were created form the materials gathered from the nature such as fallen tree leafs and arms. By wearing those hats, carrying the messages and posters the parade took place. Akdeniz University conservatory students accompanied us by playing music on Karaalioğlu Park. Also, with the help of Akdeniz University Fine Arts department students, the faces of attendants and children were painted. Moreover, for children a painting workshop held on at the park. As an extension of the project, on March 27, on a land that İl Çevre ve Orman Müdürlüğü devoted within Döşemealtı Municipality, we planted 300 trees. Moreover, on April 23, on National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, a painting workshop was held on. The exhibition of the paintings from the parade day and the workshop was opened on April 29. The exhibition was open for three days. We invited whole public to our activities that emerged from the necessity to our forests should be serve to the next generations.


The project took space on regional press, internet and TV channels with 12 press news. Through these news took big attention on the subject and we make JCI known. In the activities, students from Akdeniz University’s Fine Arts department, Cinema and Television department, Conservatory and Business Administration Faculty participated . As a result of this, there emerged a chance to meet new potential members for JCI. Important regional public bodies, Antalya İl Çevre ve Orman Müdürlüğü, Antalya Police Department, Antalya Governor’s Office, and Antalya Muratpaşa Municipality supported the project.

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