Green the Color of Love Project


Bernard Faustino Dy

Local organization

JCI Cauayan Bamboo

National organization



Bernard Faustino Dy


September 21, 2011


Community Residents

People impacted



This Project “Green the Color of Love” is subsidiary under the Project “Think Green” in the past year’s. This is an advocacy geared on campaign towards promotion of environmental preservation consciousness to help for environmental preservation to help address climate change.


This project was conceptualized to focus on environmental conservation thru tree planting. This project is in support to Climate Change serious global concern today. JCI members as active citizens adhering to the advocacy for environmental preservation think about what can be do with it as an organization to help address environmental sustainability. One way of doing it to have all out campaign and make commitments on a personal or organizational level in reducing pollution to address on climate change. As JCI members working towards positive change we must do actions that will benefit our communities by showing our commitment to environmental preservation.


Being JCI members and active citizens we should take the lead in implementing this kind of projects in worldwide scope to help address global warming that lead to climate change


By means of this project “Green is the color of Love” which was done nationwide which local organizations has done a simultaneous tree planting with media coverage have benefited the communities and the people nationwide. By means f this project we were able to inculcate on the minds of the people for more awareness on what is the reality on the environmental condition that we must take necessary steps to help address this serious effects on climate change and flooding that lead to destroy our living conditions by preventing damage of forest destruction. Because of the effects of man made damage to our environment could save live of people in the communities

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