Liter of Light


Bernard Faustino Dy


September 21, 2011


Residences in slum areas

People impacted



To provide low cost or free alternative light to the poor who cannot afford to pay the high cost of energy most especially in the slum areas. This is to light up million homes nationwide by 2012, by sharing to unprivileged communities an economically- and ecologically-sustainable source of light that will provide an immediate solution to our fellowmen’s problems and to enable the poor the access of green technology. To bring the eco-friendly Solar Bottle Bulb to unprivileged communities nationwide. The Solar Bottle Bulb is based on the principles of Appropriate Technologies – a concept that provides simple and easily replicable technologies that address basic needs in developing communities. This project also aims to educate members of unprivileged communities to conserve energy by turning to solar power and promoting use of recyclable and eco-friendly materials


This project entitled “Bottle of Light” or Liter of Light” was introduced by 2007 JCI TOYP awardee Mr. Illac Diaz, the Prsident and CEO of “My Shelter Foundation” to the JCI Philippines thru NP Bernard Dy. This is basically an up cycling project that aims to provide alternative light to those less fortunate families in underdeveloped areas who cannot afford to pay the high cost of energy. The project also entails teaching people how to make a solar bottle light equivalent to 55 watts per bottle and can last for minimum of 3 years using only plastic bottle of soft drink filled with water mixed with a spoonful of chlorine then be installed on a hole in the house roofs sealed with water re-sealant to prevent leaking. The bottle will produce light through the sunlight during the day only which results to energy conservation and generates savings that they can spend for other basic human needs instead. To further promote environmental conservation, JCI Philippines represented by 2011 National President Bernard sealed partnership with 2005 TOYM awardee for Social Entrepreneurship and 2007 JCI TOYP awardee Mr. Illac Diaz. This will bring green technologies to the grassroots and save electricity in the millions of pesos for those that could already hardly afford to maintain their bills


It is highly recommended that this project be implemented not only national scope but international coverage considering its energy saving benefits to the communities most specially to poor people but also because of its high impact on energy and environmental conservation as this is one of the most effective way of reducing carbon footprints and green gas emissions and thereby definitely help addressing climate change.


With the resounding success of this project JCI Philippines thru the active assistance of the LOs in the pilot areas were able to help the people numbering hundreds of beneficiaries after the caravan mostly those who live in the shanty towns have been better things to spend money other than electricity using natural light all day. By means of said project many people were educated to use this as an alternative sustainable source of light through the solar bottle bulb. Apart from providing this sustainable source of light, the savings incurred by families in impoverished communities can now be used for education, health and food of their children. Thanks to the leadership of Mr. Illac Diaz, the social entrepreneur behind the project said “the sustainable and inexpensive light source can boost the standard of living across the board for the bottom of 90 percent of the 23 million poor people of this country sharing them the technology behind this low cost and sustainable energy."

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