Silver Anniversary National JCI Week Celebration


Bernard Faustino Dy


September 21, 2011



People impacted



To celebrate this year’s JCI Week Silver Anniversary manifesting the tears and triumphs of JCI Philippines as an organization. This will be done by means of implementing meaningful and relevant projects and activities anchored on the tenets of the JCI Creed in order to create an impact to the communities. This will provide opportunity to the NOM and its LOs to display their leadership excellence at the same time promote the JCI organization’s purpose of existence


Every year JCI Philippines celebrates national celebration to manifest and to honor leadership excellence among members and LOs. This is in consonance of the Philippines Presidential Proclamation declaring the JCI Week on the second week of April of every year as national JCI Week in the Philippines. To highlight our Silver Anniversary celebration of this year’s JCI Week, a Special Activity per Area are to be done to be attended by all the LO(s) within the area. A complete details and schedules of the activities were designed to give more spirit and emphasis to said activity. Local organizations nationwide will conduct their own different projects for a week and see to it that such projects implemented will be geared towards the promotion existence of the JCI organization in the communities. JCI members will use their network with the aim of building up prestige for the JCI organization showcasing projects and other activities with media coverage. This will provide an avenue to maximize the exposure of the JCI to boost up and to create interest for citizens to join the JCI organization. Such relevant projects will all be geared and to give emphasis to the tenets of the JCI Creed and JCI values and Mission that would emphasize the various social, moral, economic and environmental problems and to be exemplars of active citizens creating positive change in the community.


While different JCI NOMs or Local might have their own way of celebration and implementing projects, it is being recommended to have celebrations can be done thru partnership with other foreign members for cultural exchanges in terms of project implementation. Definitely, the presence of foreign JCI members will draw more attention if they will be introduce to both national and local government leaders in the country. This is one way of maximizing better media exposure for the JCI organization in its goal and essence of existence to boost up membership recruitment strategies for the JCI organization


On the onset this project has already been reaping the gains thru the years by means on the support JCI Philippine members thru its LOs nationwide on the many meaningful and relevant projects benefiting the residents of their respective communities. Most of the projects done were all for community service on health alleviation to name a few were blood donation, livelihood program, feeding activities, free clinics, food and use clothing donations to indigent families and many other health related activities. In addition also were for environmental conservation like coastal clean up, tree planting, seminars on campaign measures to reduce green gas emissions also leadership seminars to the youth and the like that have of relevance on the JCI mission to provide development opportunities to young people in their role as active citizens. More importantly with such all the accomplishments the JCI Philippines was able to enhance JCI in its image to the communities

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