Educating the Kids on the Environment


Livasha Ramasawmy


June 9, 2018


To create awareness among youngsters about the importance of the environment

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Climate Action

Development stage

Health and Wellness


In regards to the environment day on 5th June and this year's theme of the UN Environment: Beat Plastic Pollution, we want to contribute by taking actions and encouraging our fellow citizens to do same.


In regard to the celebration of the environment day which takes place every year on June 5th, JCI Curepipe launched an online challenge on its Facebook page and also aimed at taking actions to create awareness among youngsters. We had the immense pleasure of joining kids for Peace Chapter Association Ensam (Lakaz zen) in Pointe aux Sable, where we spent half day with teenagers. It was a great opportunity to share simple yet important facts about the environment through a talk and a quizz.


It was successful event as we managed to create awareness at kids for Peace Chapter Association Ensam (Lakaz zen). Through the Quiz and Speech, we could see that they all went back home learning something new. Besides the kids, even the team members discovered new environment facts and got further motivated to keep protecting our environment.


We could have enhanced the interest of the kids by including other activities.

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