Mother's Day with senior citizens at Foyer Trochetia


Karishma Ansaram


May 18, 12


Senior citizens residing at Shelter Trochetia

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Following the peace craft workshop out of recycled materials, at our Kids for Peace Chapter at Association Ensam, we seized the opportunity of the visit at the shelter to foster values such as generosity and empathy amongst the kids by presenting the craft made as gifts to the inhabitants of the shelter.
We also aimed at spending quality time with the people at the shelter and making them feel special on the occasion of Mother's Day celebration.


In the contemporary society there is a growing number of elderly persons being shifted to old age homes or shelters, leading to them feeling unwanted and away from their families, therefore on the occasion of Mother's Day we decided to take a moment from our busy schedule and dedicate the day to those elderly persons.


The presentation of crafts made by the kids as gifts to ther elderly at the shelter was used as an example to teach the children important values such as generosity and caring, along with providing the members who participated in the event a wonderful opportunity to narrate a story to the inhabitants and in return learnt about caring and the importance of caring.


Such events are to be conducted again in the future, however, with a longer period pf time to be spent with the inhabitants and with more interactive activities to be conducted.

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