'Peace Begins with me' manual


Anjana Greedharee


From December 2, 2017 to June 30, 2018



Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

Erosion of family values.

Sustainable Development Goal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


To incentivise NGOs and secondary schools to facilitate inner peace among youngsters, creating young peace builders who are disciplined, sensitive to civic values and active in their local communities.


‘Peace Begins with Me’ Manual has been devised by the youth for the youth. The manual includes fun and experiential activities that helps to promote Peace and values in our youths.
The reason for choosing schools is because we are witnessing a moral decay in values amongst our youngsters and the rate of indiscipline is on the rise. We believe teachers should not be left alone to face the problem of violence at school. Indiscipline is a common collective problem, a serious one too. The activities that we will be proposing will be much aligned to fostering acts of kindness, mental stability, gratefulness and much more in today’s youth. The manual will act as a guide for the teachers to carry out Inner Peace activities for example, walk in nature, deep breathing, card making to share feelings of gratefulness and much more that the team will be working on with other institutions.

The launch of the manual took place on the occasion of World Book Day Festival organised by the National Library of Mauritius. In addition, the team had the opportunity to carry out a 2-days exhibition of the manual, thereby spreading the word Peace to the general public and exposing our Peace manual. In regards to distribution, the team decided to meet the Head of schools personally so that they grasp the concept of Peace Begins with Me Manual and to encourage the adoption of the manual as class activities.

Actions Taken

Leading the exhibition of the manual to the general public during the World Book Day at Trianon Shopping Park and selling of bookmarks to promote peace and reading.
Contact rectors for feedback after using the manual - measuring the impact
Distribution of the manual to secondary schools and NGOs
Launching of the manual during the World Book Day
Launch event organiser
Designing peace teasers
Marketing materials for Peace Begins with me
Project treasurer - Looking for sponsors to print the manual
Project Secretary - coordination of meetings’ agenda and minutes
Review of activities in the Manual
Compilation of draft activities to be included in the Manual
Head of author for activities (several members)


1. While going to schools, the team is spreading the word Peace amongst the stakeholders over there.

2. Members and Aspiring members had the opportunity to work and author for a manual that is being distributed at National Level

3. Being a medium-term project, it fostered more bonding with project members.

4. School heads and students became more aware of JCI and its activities.


Distribution of manuals requires lot of mobility and logistic- to arrange for same to avoid delays.
To avoid holding events with educational stakeholders near school term end, they are not available to attend, which delayed the launch.
To contact main potential sponsors two to three months prior.
To have contingency plans.

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