Warmth of Wool 2011


Suzi Chen


September 30, 2011


Children, seniors and local communities

People impacted



1) To design a project that helps to deliver a good PR image for JCI Eastern. 2) To bring the young and senior generations together to share experiences. 3) To teach young kids (Grade Prep to grade 6) new skills such as knitting and finger knitting. 4) To build confidence in kids. 5) To minimise social isolation among senior citizens in the local area. 6) To donate our effort to local aged care facilities. 7) To encourage young kids to understand the notion of giving to others.


Our wonderful Warmth of Wool 2011 project recognised that many primary school aged children in the city of Whitehorse do not have grandparents who can share stories of the past. Similarly, many local elderly residents do not have a chance to share their experience with younger generation and may, in fact, feel socially isolated. Therefore, JCI Eastern (formerly JCI Whitehorse Maroondah) this year joined forced with Orchard Grove Primary School and Inala Age Care facility in the Whitehorse district to tackle this problem. This project was designed to be our PR project as this project reached more than 400 families and kids in the local area.


This project had a very simple yet effective structure. It required very minimal cost but the result of the project was phenomenal. Consequently, it provided an excellent promotional and PR opportunity for JCI Eastern.


More than 400 families and kids learned about JCI Eastern through the Warmth of Wool 2011 project. This is particularly important, because many families do not know about JCI Eastern and our involvement with the local community. We believed this was an excellent opportunity to publicise JCI whilst doing a project that united local communities together. Further, JCI Eastern successfully gained support from the local city council that has awarded us a community grant to repeat our fabulous Warmth of Wool in 2012.

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