Kids Can Code


Tsz Ho Ngan

Local organization

JCI Dragon

National organization

Hong Kong


Tsz Ho Ngan


From July 7 to August 11, 2018


low-income secondary school students

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


For Students
• To provide opportunities to study and develop application in students daily life problem
• To provide platform for students to link with technology, community and government
• To provide project help students be the process of thinking up and then solving problems in a methodical way that could be replicated by a machine
• Feeding students’s passion for computing

• To provide a valuable training experience of STEM and raspberry for mentorship
• Create positive experience for JCI Dragon event
• Improve communication skills to mentorship


JCI Dragon in this year organized a brand new project - Kids Can Code. Kids Can Code aims to provide an opportunity to arounds 100 low-income secondary school students to learn the new technology and improve programming skill in this summer time. We want to change the unhealthy education system in Hong Kong. We are not merely teaching children the hard skills of coding or giving the hardware support, we are here to develop future creators with all-round soft-skills.

In this event, students learning both computational thinking, problem-solving skills, algorithmic thinking through this charity event. Coding can create computational thinking, which ability to communicate with children’s mind in a structured and logical way. It is also the process of thinking up and then solving problems in a methodical way that could be replicated by a machine in their daily life. Therefore, we have planned to invite over 100 underprivileged kids to expand their horizons in coding with an easy-to-use computer - Raspberry Pi Zero W.


Give chance the students to develop their problem solving skills and increase their understanding of new technology and programming, make positive change in their daily school life or community. Using high technology, aerial photography and clipping to the project promotion to attract more people’s attention and force the government to faced aware the problem of inequality education in Hong Kong.
Cooperating organizations have more chance to communicate with the students(Teenagers and Kids), which may create positive impact and encourage them to join the meaningful activities. Create healthy and closely relationship with community organizations and improve the Hong Kong’s society to be diversification and vitality.
Great chance to promote SDGs and the mission of JCI to the public during the teaching event for students and volunteer work for mentorship, and using difference media such as Facebook to promote the value of program and SDGs. For JCI Dragon member, though the guidance from JCI Dragon, Kids Can Code can awake some sleeping members to support the program and transmit their experience or story to the new member.


To enhance the STEM literacy and raise the science and technology expertise in Hong Kong, we has come up with five recommendations:

1. Trim the Core Subject requirement of the senior secondary curriculum to achieve a balance between Science and Non-Science education.
2. Introduce module flexibility by offering basic and advanced level syllabuses to provide space for students in choosing Science subjects.
3. Give proper recognition to Advanced Mathematics to stimulate enrolment.
4. Universities to review the 3-3-4 common minimum entrance requirement and individual programme admission requirements to encourage students to take more Science subjects.
5. Proper recognition in the form of diploma should be given to students who have attained adequate senior secondary education. In other words, secondary school certification should be decoupled from tertiary admission standards.

Hong Kong needs to raise the overall STEM literacy, build up its innovative capacity in order to diversify into a knowledge-based economy.

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