Entrepreneurship with Trt News Channel Program of Producer Ömer Öztürk


Beyza Birand


March 15, 2018


Entrepreneur People

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Entreprenuership seminars with excellent speakers concerning inspiring entreprenuership stories, was a move to invest in young entreprenuers. Many young entreprenuers learned more about wise experiences of famous business people. That is a seminar chain composing best entreprenuership practices.


we organized monthly entrepreneurship seminars. This was a seminar chain acting like a summit concerning entrepreneurship with guest speakers from CEOs, founders, top executives well known in Turkey market. This was a typical entreprenuership development program for Turkish active young people. Trt News Channel of producer Ömer Öztürk organized our March seminar.


Successful business people told about their stories. They mentioned where they failed and they promoted to a new step. They emphasized vital points of entreprenuership. Some of our members start to work with these guest speakers after the sessions. Some of our entreprenuers were supported by guest speakers on social media accounts to promote their businesses. All programs were either free or by limited amount of entrance fee. So the cost / benefit ratio of the seminar chain was higher than actual entreprenuersip programs.


Active young people learned more from these excellent experiences with best practices. We organized Questions & Answers sessions longer than actual meetings to let entreprenuers clarify every single crucial steps.

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