Mogodu Children's Home(Orphanage)


Angel Kgokolo


October 3, 2011



People impacted



JCI Tshwane is committed to provide support for the construction of proper infrastructure through mobilizing potential sponsors and donors. Also help home to establish vegetable garden to sustain themself.


Wilhelmina grew up without knowing her biological parents and exposed to different types of abuse. Someone took her to the shelter where she stayed until the age of 20. She realised that having life without love is not life. She was a street kid and it was very dangerous, especially for a girl. She have a passion for children and told herself that one day she will be in a position to help them .She did not want them to experience what she went through. She wanted to give them love, care and education although she have limited resources. . She made her dream to be known that she needed a home that can accommodate children leaving on the street. Mr Maake donated her family home to the children and Wilhelmina. She made an arrangement to collect them from the street to the home. Here, children are brought in by South African Police Service and Police Community Forums. Some children are abandoned by parents due to substance abuse or are referred by community members after an abuse has been identified. All of the children in Mogodu orphanage home do not receive government grant making it difficult for Dithoriso to provide necessary support. The Government of South Africa provides child support through Social Department and provides grants through South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Minimum requirements such as the erection of proper infrastructure have prevented Social services from reaching Mogudu orphanage home in the same manner that other similar homes receive such a support.


Business, government and civil society need to take bold and decisive action in order to arrest various challenges posed by social ills in our communities such as Mogodu Children's home. In doing so, we can be certain that the future generation has a base on which they can build going forward. Sponsorship towards the erection of infrastructure will go a long way in the direction of securing the future of children in Mogudu home. 


Beyond the benefits of having the infrastructure, a good environment enhances creativity and dignity for children who are often trying to heal from the abuses.

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