JCI City, Lifeskills Training Project


Amanda Munyoro


October 17, 2011


Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

People impacted



To Offer Psycho-social Support to Orphaned and vulnerable Children.


The JCI City, Lifeskills Training Project for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) was started in January 2009. The project was born out of the realisation that the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has left many children orphaned and vulnerable. As a result many find themselves in difficult circumstances and with no hope for a bright future. Many organizations have been their rescue by offering material support in the form of school fees, food and clothes. However, an important aspect has been overlooked, that is the psychological well-being of these children in difficult circumstances. The JCI City, Lifeskills Training Project was thus initiated, to offer psycho-social support to the OVCs, so as to work towards a mindset renewal process to renew the hope of the OVCs and ensure that they believe in their ability to be successful and so make it in life like any other child growing up in an ordinary family. The first Lifeskills camp was successfully held at Outward Bound in Chimanimani in August 2009 and was attended by 30 OVCs from across Zimbabwe.


Let all JCI members' world over embark on projects to empower OVCs.


2009: Held a week-long Team Building and Lifeskills Training Camp at Outward Bound, in Chimanimani. 2010: Partnered with Blossoms Children's community. 2011: Embarked on a Lifeskills Training Program for the OVCs from Blossoms. 5 training sessions held to date.

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