Peace Talks


Ezgi Nida Burci


September 21, 2018


Non- governmental organizations

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


to inform diffirent non-govermantal organizations about JCI and Peace is Possible in World Peace Day


We organized our event six local cahpter together (JCI İstanbul, JCI Beşiktaş,
JCI Boğaziçi, JCI Bahçeşehir, JCI Kültür and JCI Kadıköy) which was held within the
scope of Peace is Possible on September 21st World Peace Day. Nihal Zoroğlu who is
the National President of JCI Turkey made a presentation about “What is JCI?” and
“What is Peace is Possible?” in the event.
The members of the Altınbaş International Community attended the event. Apart
from Nihal Zoroğlu, there were 3 more speakers in the event. The President of Altınbaş
International Commity Sürücan Batmaz spoke about “Being a Human Beyond Race,
Religion, Language and Gender”. Our other speaker was Supervisor of Altınbaş
International Commity Opeyemi Maryam Soneye. Her speech title was “The Begening
and essence of world peace”. Our third speaker Ömer Ongun talked about intercultural
dialogue and prejudice.


Approximately 40 people attended the event. It was an efficient
and awareness-raising event for both JCI members and external participants.


However, it would have been more efficient if more civil society organizations and partners were

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