Sri Lankan Dream Team 2020


Charitha Bandara


December 11, 2011


JCI Sri Lanka, JCI Sri Lanka Chapters, 1200 Royal College Grade 8 & 7 Students, Parents, Teachers, Community

People impacted



inspire kids/participants to action minimum of 5 positive life behaviors within 03rd October 2011 - 03rd November 2011. Formulate a pilot project which will beneficial to all the schools in the country to change the mind set of teenagers towards positive actions in believing and entrusting a dream of a developed country by 2020


Royal College - Colombo 07 (Sri Lanka) is one of the leading boys schools in the country invited JCI Sri Lanka to join with them for a training partnership. Many high profiled Human Resource personalities, trainers, institutes were invited to this meeting. Based on a survey conducted by the Royal College Union (RCU) it was evident that the 8000 responding parents have commented on their priority of up bringing a value driven children with better leadership skills. In par keeping with the survey results JCI Sri Lanka training institute submitted a concept note conceptualized and developed by the Training Institute Chairman - JCI Sri Lanka. The project was named as "Royal College - Sri Lankan Dream Team 2020". The concept was to organize Movie driven value based leadership programs for grade 8 & 7 Students. After many discussions and planning meetings , it was agreed to start the pilot project from Karate Kid Movie. 3 Classes per day (120 Students) were shown the karate kid movie in a auditorium. The total project runs for 30 classes 10 days and approx 1200 students. Programs begins at 0745hrs and ends at 1100hrs. At the begining of the program trainer introduces the "Sri Lankan Dream Team 2020" concept and the importnace of individual action steps towards a developed country. Trainer introduces the Active Citizenship concept.Once the mind set is positively conditioned the movie begins. At the end of the 2 hour 05 minutes movie trainer relates 10 behavioral examples linking with the movie situations. 50 basic movie situations and learnings are documented . 10 main behavioral examples are stated in the following areas as voluntary action steps. 1. Energy Consumption (Electricity) 2. Environment (Garbage disposal) 3. Respecting Elders 4. Humanity (Respecting each other) 5. Omoiyari (Pararthakami) 6. Keep things in the same place you picked 7. Working on time 8. Discipline 9. Focus (For Learning/what you do) 10.Dreaming Big


2 parents meetings to be conducted and the Karate Kid Movie Video De Brief to be conducted for them while introducing the pilot project. Press Conference is to be scheduled in the month of November in order to promote the concept. Project Report to be submitted to the principal of Royal College with documented action steps Garbage collection day to be organized in the month of November with the participation of Grade 8 & 7 students in promoting the active citizenship culture.

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