Employer of the Year region Pirkanmaa


Juha Herrainsilta


From October 1 to December 17, 2018

Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


VTA (Vuoden työnantaja, The Employer of The Year) competition encourages the ’good employership’ and employment in whole Tampere region. VTA draws attention to good and sustainable employership and leadership in whole society.


Tampere region is Finland’s second biggest region, expanding quickly and having been selected as the most attractive city in Finland to live. Tampere region is especially well-known for manufacturing industry and ICT, employing great amounts of people as well in wide variety of different domains – and therefore there are both, need to emphasize and opportunity to find good employership!

VTA competition’s target is to encourage the employers to good employership, and the VTA award has been announced since 1983. The only way to take part in competition is to be ’turned in’ by the own employee of the joining company. The criteria for qualifying to TOP10 or winning the VTA award are:
- KPI’s, numbers and basic info of company performance
- Personnel’s development activities
- Employer image of the company
- Impact to the ecomony of region
- Interview of executives & analysis
- Survey with wide set of employees answering
The VTA project team members of JCI Tammerkoski take responsibility in carrying through the project. The final selections are based on the analysis and survey and made by notorious jury, including reputed members from:
- Public employment office
- Entrepreneurship association of the region
- Tampere Chamber of Commerce
- City of Tampere

In year 2018 JCI Tammerkoski decided to expand competition to other regions and cities in Finland too. At the first time the competition was held also in Vaasa area and Åland during autumn 2018.


Huge visibility both local and nationally. 114 enterprises were denounced to competition.


Early planning and constant social media visibility are important.

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