The Future of Work & Competence -seminar


Jani Mäntysaari


October 10, 2018


To raise thoughts and discussion on the future of work and what kind of competence is required in the digital era.

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Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Education and Economic Empowerment


The future of work is shaped by technology. How does an average workday look like in the future? Which jobs are automated? What kind of competence is required in the digital era?

As a part of the 50th Anniversary of JCI Espoo we decided not only to celebrate the history but also think forward. Therefore we organized a seminar about the future of work & competence - questions that have been puzzling our minds.


We had three keynotes:
1. Mapping the future competencies with cognitive artificial intelligence.
2. Which jobs will be replaced by robots and where humans are better than machines.
3. The technological transformation of work from entrepreneur's point of view.

After the keynotes there was a panel discussion about the themes of the seminar. Panelists were university and university of applied sciences students, the future makers.


A seminar was organized.

Both the participants and the speakers gave positive feedback on the seminar in general. The themes were considered current and interesting.

The seminar raised somewhat discussion in social media.


One of the target audiences were students. This kind of event is also an excellent opportunity to promote JCI activities.

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