2018 Ripple Project


Mohinee Heeramun


From March 1 to December 31, 2018


Women and Girls in orphanage, shelters and rehabilitation centers

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


The purpose of this project was to help the Ripple Platform in collecting women basic hygiene products to be shared with girls and women who cannot afford the luxury of these products. The Ripple Platform approached JCI Port Louis to help them share the message of the work they do to help the needy women. They also sought help because they are planning to come up with a project of making cheaper sanitary pads in Mauritius. By so doing, the team will be providing job opportunities to the needy women, sell cheap sanitary pads and money collected will be used to fund other items for the women.
The Ripple Platform needed help for the collection of the hygienic products because they needed time to focus on their upcoming project. The project is taking time to be implemented due to loads of paper work, and in the meantime the women are in a need of the hygienic items.


The 2018 Ripple Project started with the aim of sharing the message of the Ripple Platform on a large scale. The Ripple Platform used to collect hygienic products only within a small family-friends group. JCI Port Louis engaged in spreading the message for the collection of the items on a larger scale. By so doing, we were amazed to see the responses of the public. Men helped a lot in spreading the message and buying the items. Many people supported the team and the cause. Other Local JCI organisations contributed to the cause as well. Members from other NGOs also came forward to help in the collection of the items. In the end, the project was not only successful in collecting over 450 hygienic products bags but also re-grouped 5 Local Organisations as one - Because everyone believed in the cause.


1. The Ripple Platform got over 450 hygiene products bag. 1 bag had 5 to 6 hygienic products and all had 1 or 2 sanitary pad packs.
2. All JCI local organisations had their members collaborate on this project. Members helped in sharing the word, in collecting the products, in packing up the bags and in distributing them.
3. Other NGOs and Clubs contributed in cash or products.
4. Women and Girls who benefited from the contribution shared their stories with the team. This resulted in a more motivated team.
5. The Ripple Platform got more time to focus on building their plans for the upcoming sanitary pads manufacturing project.


- Make the women and girls self sustained with time
- More focus on creating awareness on the need of women for safe and healthy options in life

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