JCI Port Louis - Dominate Digital


Mohinee Heeramun


From October 1 to 22, 2018


Entrepreneurs, Students, Members of the Public, JCI Members,

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


The workshop served 2 main purposes. It was used as a fundraising for the 2018 JCI Mauritius Creative Young Entrepreneur Award. The project got mostly in-kind sponsorship and very little cash sponsorship. To be able to continue the project properly within the time-frame set, the team decided to go for a workshop to raise funds. A famous training was found at a very affordable price.

Another purpose was that entrepreneurs uses online marketing a lot to market their businesses. Some small and medium local entrepreneurs were not really at ease with using the fastly growing and ever-changing marketing technologies and tools. To serve the objective of the mail project (2018 JCI Mauritius CYEA), the team decided to go ahead with educating/helping the entrepreneurs or even aspiring-entrepreneurs. Participants to the competition as well as the general public were invited for this workshop.

The workshop included core concepts, introduction to direct response marketing & copy-writing, Google Ad-words, Facebook Marketing, Email marketing, Marketing any type of business locally and internationally.


The workshop resulted in being a success. Maybe too much information for one day, but most participants were really satisfied and wanted another such workshop but maybe over 2 days instead of only 1 whole day workshop. It was interactive and illuminating. Participants were also asked to bring their laptop so that they could apply what was being explained in the presence of the trainer himself.


The Workshop was appreciated by all attendees. All of the objectives set were met.

- Money fund-raised was used for the Award ceremony for the 2018 JCI Mauritius CYEA.
- Aspiring-Entrepreneurs were very much motivated after the session.
- Entrepreneurs above 40 years appreciated that the workshop was done at a very affordable price.
- Participants to the Award also appreciated having sent their candidature for a high caliber Award.


1. Have the session on 2 days or more (The modules can then be more detailed)
2. Have the participants pay before the D-Day.
3. The participants were asked to bring their laptops, however, the venue was not equipped with enough electrical outlet.

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