A Sound Between Your Fingers and Mine


Mutlu Toksöz


December 9, 2018


To create an effective communication with hearing impaired people and getting sign language training, spending time with them by watching a live stand-up show together.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


The Project aims,

- to create same conditions for hearing impaired people as all society.
- to widen hearing impaired people networking areas by meeting them up with JCI Members and leaders.
- Supporting hearing impaired people to join activities which is ensuring networking opportunities for them.
- to train JCI Members for sign language and support them to improve theirselves.


During this event ,firstly sign language training was given to all JCI members at the elementary level.
Then, hearing impaired participants and our members were introduced and interviewed by the interpreter.
In the last stage of the event a stand up show was conducted and all guests spent time together. Stand up display was performed with simultaneous sign language translation to meet the needs of our disabled guests.


As a result,

- 25 JCI Turkey Members took sign language training.
- 10 hearing impaired guests found chance for socializing.
- 10 hearing impaired guests met up JCI Adana and JCI Turkey.
- A networking atmosphere was created between JCI Members and hearing impaired guests.
- JCI Members clearly understood the needs and observed the problems which hearing impaired guests have during event.
- JCI Adana and the guest agreed for new projects in the future.
- A Project which is created according to Sustainable Development Goals was completed.


- The projects which are including these kind of activities should be driven with stakeholders for creating more impact.
- Sign language trainings should be taken by JCI members at least in elementary level regarding to create more impact and development areas with hearing impaired people.

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