Mutlu Toksöz


From December 7 to 9, 2018


To create a synergy and an effective communication between JCI Turkey Members and the guests which was invited from different stakeholders. Also creating an atmosphere for all participants to improve theirselves by taking trainings (sign language training) & playing games (World Trade Game). Another target to create an economical positive impact for the city and the companies which are located in Adana by giving them opportunity to market theirselves.

Target population


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Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


- To introduce our beautiful city Adana to the other JCI members
- To improve the members and supporting the JCI Members for networking.
- To raise awareness of social issues
- To gain 5 new members
- To create an economical benefit for Adana’s economy
- To create a sustainable know-how for JCI Adana Members (being World Trade Game Trainee by taking online training from JCI Holland)


I LOVE ADANA is a traditional event organised by JCI Adana. This is one of the most significant JCI events in Turkey.

Fifth I Love Adana event which included multiple projects were organized by JCI Adana between the dates of 7th – 9th December.

On the first day of the I Love Adana Event, JCI members from the other cities had a city tour. They visited historical places, ate traditional foods and met local people. Visitors learned a lot about the culture and history of Adana.

It was also good for the economy of Adana. The local brands had the opportunity to be known by the visitors. For example a local brand called Adana İşi which is run by two women entrepreneurs and produces goods about Adana exhibited and sold it’s goods in the hotel where visitors accomodated.

On the second day of the event members and visitors took the World Trade Game education. This is a game developed in JCI Amsterdam/Holland. The economic activities and relationships are simulated in this game. This education had positively impacted the following skills of the members:
• Cooperation
• Working under pressure (and taking charge)
• Negotiation skills
• Communication abilities

Also JCI Adana 2018-2019 handover ceremony was organized in the second day of the event.

On the third day, members were worked on a social responsibilty project to raise awareness of hearing impaired. They were taught how to communicate in sign language. After that education they watched stand up comedy with the hearing impaired people. Hearing impaired and members laughed and shared very friendly moments during the stand up comedy . During the sign language education and stand up comedy members developed their empathy skills. Members also developed their communication skills with the hearing impaired people.


 25 JCI Turkey Members took sign language training.
 -10 hearing impaired guests found chance for socializing.
 -10 hearing impaired guests met up JCI Adana and JCI Turkey.
 -A networking atmosphere was created between JCI Members and hearing impaired guests.
 -JCI Members clearly understood the needs and observed the problems which hearing impaired guests have during event.
 -JCI Adana and hearing impaired guests agreed for new projects in the future.
 -JCI Adana gained 3 new members
 -Players developed their following skills after the World Trade Game
• Cooperation
• Working under pressure (and taking charge)
• Negotiation skills
• Communication abilities
 -3 members of JCI Adana had an online training from JCI Holland for World Trade Game and became formal trainees'


- Sign language trainings should be taken by JCI members at least in elementary level regarding to create more impact and development areas with hearing impaired people.

- This kind of multi projects included events should welcome more international JCI Members.

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