Jom!Gotong Royong Sekitar Sungai Klang


See Chang Sheng


January 12, 2019


Students, Public, Government, Corporate Company & JCI Members

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The programme 'Jom, Gotong Royong Sekitar Sungai Klang' is an activity that uses the Klang double-decker bridge as a starting point, to clean up rubbish on both sides of the river. It also aims to raise awareness of the community on environmental issues and urge the public to pay attention to environmental issues.


The groups participating in the event include Tzu Chi, Bodhi Meditation, Saibaba, JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin, JCI Petaling Jaya, Vanniar, Geng Menebing Klang, SSBC Klang, Rakan Bersih Kubur Selangor, Ikram, MSU, UiTM, SMK Sri Andalas, SK Taman Sri Andalas and SJK Ladang Highlands. Member of Parliament Klang YB Charles Santiago will lead the participants to this great cleanups.

Berry Ng, a member of the Klang City Council, also appealed to the public to actively participate in this activity, urging all to participate in the protection of the earth, reduce use of plastic bags, and properly manage garbage disposal. Berry Ng explained that there are also students participating in this activity. Thus, it is hoped that they can influence their families and friends to use less plastic, as it is one of the garbage that often causes water retention, which is also a hotbed for mosquito breeding and contribute to the rise of dengue disease. By having this kind of civic activities, we will be able to highlight the importance of reducing use of plastics in our daily lives and encourage recycling.

Jordan Ng, chairman of KWSK, said that various groups and schools from the upper and lower reaches of the Klang River have joined these activities to pick up garbage. They have taken a big step forward in cleaning up Klang River, which leaves members of the Organising Committee very excited.


12/1 Great to co-hosting with 20 various groups from NGO, schools, university and corporate company in the Klang Valley to complete "Jom! Gotong-royong Sekitar Sungai Klang" with 500 participates

Many thanks to sponsors and support from Ahli Parlimen Klang YB Charles Santiago, Ahli Majlis Berry Ng, Banner King and 99speedmart


Continuously creating this kind of sustainable project to improve the life below water by educating public and raise awareness of the community on environmental issues and urge the public to pay attention to environmental issues.

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