Green Generation : #BeatPlasticPollution


Joyien Chiew


From January 1 to December 31, 2019

Target avg age


Sustainable Development Goal

Life Below Water

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


To save the ocean of the plastic pollution issue through reduce the single-used plastic.


In order to Beat Plastic Pollution:
-Collaborate with private sectors like numerous company to create awareness of band Single-Used Plastic.
-Shoot for awareness video of Beat Plastic Pollution to create awareness and educate the public by spreading through the social media.
-Impact Social Entrepreneur to become role model that lead the society together to fight the plastic pollution.
-Collaborate with Batu Pahat NGOs to aligned not using Single-Used Plastic such as using tumbler during events to save earth from plastic.
-Find substitute for the single-used plastic
-Spread the technology ideas from the world to the public regards how we can extend the plastic life in order to reduce the produce of new plastic
-Share public idea of how they substitute the plastic used with other environmental friendly product.


Total more than 10 Batu Pahat organisation included private and NGOs together to commit for #BeatPlasticPollution, and we installed on water dispenser in each secretariat in order to promote reduce the used of bottle drinks in each events so that reduced the produce of plastic bottle rubbish in each events which around 50-300 plastic bottle rubbish can be reduced.

More than that, we have 4 main medias to spread #BeatPlasticPollution project in after the launching by Yang Berhormat Gan Peck Cheng, Deputy Speaker of the Johor State Legislative Assembly.

There is positive change through social media that, a lots of Batu Pahat residence especially young people start promote #BeatPlasticPollution through sharing their change to reduce the plastic rubbish.


#BeatPlasticPollution is a project that under flagship project, Green Generation that to real care of our living society. With that, we gather together to understand the needs of the local society and provide sustainable solution that can impact better to the society.

Hence, it is highly recommended to continue it and spread to other area, since plastic pollution is a crisis problem in the world.

More than that, we will keep promote it and hope to have change to collaborate with government to ban the used of Single-used plastic.

Last but not least, find the substitute of single-used plastic such as spoon, fork, straw, plastic bag and etc that cost would not be higher yet would not hurt the environment.

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