Alicia Mahonde


January 28, 2019


Under privileged children at Tore Primary School in Kwekwe

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

To equip young leaders with the relevant skills for Leadership

Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To provide basic needs for the students at Tore Primary school such as pens,exercise books, reading books and other stationery.JCI Kwekwe also provided an Entrepreneurship Course for the children so as to equip them to start a small business for the school


Tore Primary School is an underprivileged school in the remote areas of Kwekwe. The school as well as the students there can barely afford the basic tools needed to run the school efficiently.Through partnerships with Lions,Leos,JAZ and the Scouts we decided to Commemorate World Education Day by Providing the children with stationery such as pens ,pencils,chalk,reading books etc.
JCI further went on to provide an Entrepreneurship course for the senior students at the school so as to equip them with the know how of starting an income generation school project


We managed to give the Children at Tore Primary school basic needs fr a better education.We provided them with Writing books,chalk,reading books,magazines,manilla ,pens and pencils.
We also managed to provide an Entrepreneurship training for the senior students grade 5-7 .The skills acquired can help them start a school business or even businesses at home


After delivering the Entrepreneurship course ,the school recommended that we aid them with funds to start up a fowl run or a tuckshop which will inturn help them to buy basic needs for the school.

Empower the girl child by finding donors to pay for their school fees as most of the girls in that area only finish primary school and get married as parents are mainly giving preference to the boy child.

Have Awareness Campaigns about Gender Equality in the area.

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