Inspire Young's Confidence Series 01: Voice Workshop


Joyien Chiew

Local organization

JCI Batu Pahat Entrepreneur

National organization



Joyien Chiew


January 20, 2019

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


To allow young people to boost their confidence through understanding their personal voice’s strength and weakness which they can improve the persuasive in their professional speech.


Young people are always full of creative ideas and plan, yet they may face the challenges on how to attract people to join them and realize the ideas. The public speaking skills is one of the tools that can improve their self-confidence.

JCI Batu Pahat Entrepreneur invited Professional Voice Trainer Mr Ng Ying Wei to help young peoples how to make their voice more attractive and confidence.


Voice control management skills can help the young people to understand their own voice characteristic and make useful of it. A good voice control can make a presentation better and suitable for the use on business wise as well. For example, they can have better bidding presentation with confidence or increase sales through better persuasive.

The workshop applies one to one session to understand each person voice’s strengths and how to make it better through practice it. In the end, all the participants learn well on the skills and improved presentation skills. Most of them are looking forward for the next Voice Workshop.


Here to suggest may extend the workshop time which allow to record each one voice performance before and after the workshop in order to inspire more and keep practising it.

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