Boots on the Ground Program


Jasper Salinana


From January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019



Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

No Poverty

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Help support or secure employment for the homeless population of Edmonton to jump-start their personal lives while supporting economic development through increased productivity


It’s a lesser known fact that steel toe boots can be a priceless asset to some. Most of us can walk into a store today and afford a pair of comfortable work boots. Something we take for granted can be instrumental in helping a homeless person turn their life around.

Homeless people can’t find and secure employment the way that most people can. Most don’t have access to a computer to apply online for a job, or to type up and print a resume to give out in person. If they qualify for a job, how can you contact them and set up an interview if they don’t have access to a personal phone or email? If they come in for an interview, do they have access to the clothes that the employer expects them to wear to said interview?

Regardless of anyone’s personal opinions on homelessness and homeless people, everyone can agree on one thing. No one would like to be homeless.
Day labor is one of the most accessible forms of employment for homeless people. Organizations like the Bissell Centre work together with groups looking for laborers and arrange casual work for homeless people. One of the biggest obstacles for qualifying for such a job is having steel toe boots.

The JCI Edmonton Boots on the Ground program is an attempt at removing this obstacle. The program aims to collect as many used steel toe boots as possible. Once we’ve collected them, will drop those off at the Mustard Seed Neighbour Centre and Bissell Centre where it will be distributed to those who need them.
For the scope of the project we’ll be setting up collection bins at two types of locations. The first will be drop off locations advertised on our website, where people will be able to drop off used boots. The other will be businesses that can collect boots from their staff internally, such as machine shops and construction groups.


For 2019, the project is currently ongoing. So far we have collected and distributed 30 Work Boots


Further publicize this project and attain more support from establishments that utilizes work boots for their workers. Continue to work with these establishments to collect used (usable) work boots that we can send to the Bissell Centre, to be distributed to the homeless.

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