Free Health Check Up Camp


Anshum Jindal


February 24, 2019



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Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

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Health and Wellness


To provide the medium through which we can target those people who can not afford money to visit the specialised doctors


In society we have observed that there are large number of people who requires this type of free health check up camp and by organizing this camp we are sure enough that large number of people can be benefited.


Patient health data was collected for 487 subjects (61.2% men, median age 50 years, 38.8% women, median age 45 years) as part of Free Health check up camp organised by JCI AMBALA initially screening for Hypertension and Diabetes, and also provide counseling for smoking cessation, nutrition, and weight loss in Ambala with the support of Fortis Hospital plus local volunteer physicians and paramedical personnel. About 24% of these subjects had hypertension, defined as systolic blood pressure (SBP) greater than 140mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure (DBP) greater than 90mmHg. Twenty two percent of the subjects exhibited systolic hypertension, 10% of the population was found to have diastolic hypertension, while 8% of the subjects had both systolic and diastolic hypertension Hypertension was more prevalent among men (25.8%) compared to women (18.5%). With respect to diabetes, a large proportion of the population was either prediabetic (29%) or diabetic (12%). Only 58% of the subjects were found to have fasting glucose levels in the normal range. A higher percentage (14.3%) of men were diagnosed with diabetes (Fasting Blood Sugar >126 mg/dL) compared to women (10.6%) while similar percentage of men (27.6%) and women (25.5%) were noted to be prediabetic (Fasting Blood Sugar between 101 125.9mg/dL) Out of those subjects diagnosed with an abnormal blood pressure, which constituted 33% of the subjects, a majority (66.3%) of these subjects were newly diagnosed as hypertensive. Similarly, out of those subjects found to have abnormal blood glucose levels, which constituted 12% of the subject population, 74.5% of these subjects were newly diagnosed diabetics. About 17% of the subjects presented with tachycardia (>100 bpm) while 1.9% of the Subjects had bradycardia with pulse rate of <60 bpm. A large proportion of the population was found to be either underweight (25% with BMI <18.5) or overweight (27% with BMI between 23 and 27.9) / obese (16% with BMI 28 +). Only 31% of the subjects had normal BMI between 18.5 and 22.9. 17.5% of the women were obese compared to 11.4% of men, while 29.5 % of the men were overweight compared to 24.9% of women. A higher percentage (32.8%) of women were underweight compared to men (26.5%).


These type of projects should be done on frequent basis so that we can serve the society which also satisfy the line mentioned in JCI CREED i.e. "SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS BEST WORK OF LIFE"

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