Youth Elite @ Timisoara


Claudia Cordea


From September 2 to 9, 2018


Pupils of the 11th grade and 12th grade from National Colleges from all over Romania.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Attracting students to the Timisoara University Center (the biggest university campus in the west part of Romania), who can be also influential for other high school colleagues who would choose to study in Timisoara and ensure the labor force labor market with young performers.

Short term - To give to the young people a valuable experience and improve their skills. To inform them about learning and professional opportunities in Timisoara.
Long term - To ensure the necessary workforce for the labor market.


Romania’s private sector is registering demand for employees across the board, from welders and electricians to IT experts and agriculture and construction specialists. In an economy with an unemployment rate hovering around 4 percent, companies are exploring various options to increase their staff, ranging from the relocation of employees from other parts of the country, to offering vocational training for high school students and importing workers from outside the European Union.

Aside from the tight labor market, companies are facing the challenges of the uneven development of the country. Whereas employers in Timisoara and other cities in western Romania are frantically looking for staff to expand their businesses, there are counties in the east and south that are grappling with chronic unemployment.

Timisoara aims to attract much of the “best high school students” of the Romanian educational system: the Olympic students. Statistics show that many of these Olympic students leave the country or, if they stay in Romania, fail to integrate and develop as well during their university studies and then on the labor market.

In this context, JCI Timisoara made a strong partnership with the West University of Timisoara in order to find ways to attract more students from all over Romania. One of the idea was to provide a program who can give a valuable experience to the pupils from high school for a better understanding about the learning system, professional opportunities in Timisoara and to convince them that Timisoara (Timis County) is the right place to you live, learn and develop a successful career.


- more than 20 institutions and organizations were contacted to promote Youth Elite among 12th grade students
- applied 120 students, of which we chose 60 participants with the best profiles
- 1 week full program
- 60 participants (Olympic students)
- 17 trusted partners
- 6 dynamic teams
- 6 dedicated mentors
- many volunteers ready for work
- a unified organization team


- involving more companies in the program
- involving the participants from last edition in the next one
- increase the number of participants
- each group of 5 participants to be adopted by a company

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