Leadership for Change Academy "LCA"


rima fendi


From May 1 to August 5, 2018


local,national and international "JCI members, representatives of civil society organisations, professional individuals"

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Partnerships for the Goals

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Taking our local chapter to a new level of professionalism so it can present itself more strongly in the local and the global community.


By the time of entering year 2018 Syria was nearing the end of its 7th year of crisis, and JCI Lattakia was entering its third year of re-establishment after the closure of JCI Syria for about 3 years caused by the war the huge drop of its members.
for the first couple of years after its re-establishment, JCI Lattakia demanded a good number of new members and that affected the quality of recruiting which led to a high drop level, in addition to the chapter's limited resources, whether financially or professionally "members wise" that could affect its representation in the local community.
LCA "Leadership for change academy" aimed to provide our local chapter and its members with a new approach and an opportunity for their growth and development, and by running an international academy with an international JCI trainer and based on international standards, JCI Lattakia was able to break the siege of crisis, and overcome the past hardships -in recruiting qualified members ,retaining its own members and overcoming its limited representation-, it partnered and collaborated with Syrian Youth Council " NGO" and the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs and Population "governmental sector" and Miramar hotel a "private sector", to host the Portuguese trainer Filipe Carrera and his two sons in Lattakia city and run a 4 days program consisting of " capacity building training in English, sport program and a cultural tour", and that was a huge step ever made in Syria after the war and ever by a local chapter with limited resources and exposure.
When everyone was telling us that we are fantasizing in the face of these severe security conditions and limited local supplies and support for such kind of programs, we were overcoming the obstacles, planning and leading a lasting impact for the growth of JCI Lattakia and the development of its members in the local, national, and the international level.
The academy gathered 60 young professionals coming from different parts of Syria and representing different sectors of society and different organizations among UN agencies in addition to two international participants.

Actions Taken

we approached Filipe Carrera after his leadership for peace training in Jordan 2017, two members of our local chapter had participated, and then they started planning with Filipe from October 2017 when action plans of next year were to be planned, the team started with obtaining security approvals for Filipe and his two sons 3 months before the academy
professionals always seek to share knowledge, by planning this academy well and investing in our members abilities and our partners resources and networks, LCA could be labelled on international standards, check the website of the academy: http://lca-lattakia.com/, and that attracted professionals from different sectors and backgrounds who went through rigorous assessment for their applications, improved the quality of trainees as most of them who are non members from Lattakia city will be pushed to join JCI Lattakia and encourage their peers.
the choice of participants was based on gender equality and a diversity of experiences and backgrounds.
after obtaining the security approvals needed and with the help of a local experienced tour guide, the cultural program was in Salah AL Din citadel.
partnering with an NGO called Syrian Youth Council and a governmental sector called the Syrian Commission for Family affairs and population and a private sector which is Miramar hotel
Filipe's children are experienced in two fields of sport "Judo and Football".
the connections made with different sectors to participate the academy helped in supplying the local chapter with new networks for its future projects we had participants from: WFP, UNDP, ETC educational center, Syria trust for development, Syrian researchers, MED research team, governmental sectors and many others.
members organizing the academy had an advanced experience that added a lot to their knowledge in events organization
by setting an advanced capacity building training in English and networking with professional leaders with different experiences.
by giving an opportunity to attend an international academy locally, since a lot of members cant overcome the burden of travel "financially" and Syrians face a lot of difficulties in travelling.


-20 new members of high caliber from different organizational backgrounds and different sectors were recruited in JCI Lattakia after the academy.
-15 organizing members were exposed to a whole new experience of organizing events.
-Collaboration was made between our local chapter, the Syrian Youth Council "NGO", the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs and Population "governmental sector", Miramar hotel "a private sector".
-JCI Lattakia participating members were supplied with advanced content of communication skills and effective leadership in the capacity building program in the academy.
-JCI Lattakia members were motivated to apply competences they have to a new situation.
-Collaboration, creativity and curiosity were spread between JCI Lattakia local members in general.
-JCI Lattakia have gained a higher exposure within the local community.
-They academy reduced the cost and burden of travel for our local members by hosting an international academy locally in Lattakia city.


- Start offering scholarships to increase the number of applicants.
- Cautiously selecting the dates of hosted events to avoid the high cost of high seasons.
- Avoiding the potential delays in obtaining the security approvals for international participants by promoting the event earlier.

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