Alicia Mahonde


March 16, 2019



Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

To empower women to be able to change their own flat tyre, check oil and water levels

Sustainable Development Goal

Gender Equality

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


The purpose of this project was to celebrate Womens day/month by empowering women on how they can change their own flat tyre,open the bonnet and check their own water and oil level.The project also sought to educate women on Road safety issues that are affecting motorists on the road


The project through the aid and partnership of the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe,The Police and Driving Schools sought to educate women on how to safely and correctly change their own flat tyre without having to wait for a man to come do it for them.The program also sought to teach women to perform daily vehicle checks like opening the car bonnet and checking the water and oil levels.
The program also covered road safety issues that encompassed may areas like texting and driving,wearing a seat belt, putting child lock when ferrying children and the program also gave statistics of road traffic fatalities that could have been avoided.Our program also emphasized on Defensive Driving .Lastly the program brought clear insight of the procedure one should take inthe event of an accident


the project was received with great enthusiasm, by both man and women.Though we intended to make the program for women ONLY men trickled in too wanting to be taught how to change a flat tyre and check their own water and oil.
On our Road Safety sessions conducted by the TSCZ (Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe) people where astonished to learn about the statistics of road accidents and fatalities,Both men and women wanted to learn more about Road safety tips and regulations .After each Road Safety Session the TSCZ would ask questions on the topics discussed and would award prizes for correct answers given.
People where also encouraged to take defensive driving courses which have now been decentralized from Gweru to our own back yard Kwekwe as of this March 2019.
we managed to impacted over 150 lives through Road safety Lessons ,some women however did not care to do the dirty work of changing their own tyre they simply said if faced with a flat tyre i will find a man somewhere to help me.
Some women just looked as other women were being taught how to change their own tyre claiming that they would learn by watching


We recommend that we have a must bigger Similar event that will encompass teaching both men and women.The TSCZ (Traffic safety council of Zimbabwe) have sighted that we should have a road show in the high density areas and teach them the same thing as our current program
We also recommend that we partner with other stakeholders of the community like Tyre companies,and motor vehicle insurance companies so as to make the project bigger and more visible.

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