September's Gold "Dahab Ayloul"


Mary Saad


From September 1 to 24, 2018


Peace, justice and strong institutions

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

What about our children's rights? why would we let the war affect our children?

Sustainable Development Goal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Development stage

Health and Wellness


September's Gold aims at spreading peace by supporting children with cancer and encouraging people to take action towards those children, raising awareness about children's cancer.


September's Gold is a project that aims at providing financial and psychological support for BASMA Association which is a non-profitable association that supports children with cancer in Syria. The project includes many stages؛ the first stage was needs analysis. We went to BASMA association to assist their needs. We came to the conclusion that they were in severe need for wigs and financial support. The second stage was hair donation campaign, it started with a video made by female JCI members in which they donated their hair and talked about the importance of hair donation in addition to coordinating with a hairdresser salon. The aim of the video was to encourage people to donate their hair by having it cut for free in the hair salon. Other than the salon, another coordination was settled with the natural hair center to weave the hair extensions for free. In the third stage, September's Gold team organized a fundraising trip for the community. Raising awareness in schools about children's cancer was the fourth stage. JCI members displayed an animated video which talked about instructions on how to deal with a person who has cancer. In the fifth stage, we organized a fundraising concert in which AL-Mahabbeh choir performed. The sixth stage of the project was a compilation video in which we posted a video of people from all around the world supported and expressed their love to children in Syria and those who suffer daily from cancer. The last stage was a visit to BASMA Association, we gave them the wigs and the money collected from the two fundraising events of the project. We made an activity for children with cancer in the hospital, had many entertaining and recreational games and challenges and gave them toys and dolls.


After six months of its end, people are still talking about the project and asking on how they can donate hair. The project had a massive impact on the community and its understanding of voluntary work, humane work, the concept of donation and children with cancer. The hair donation promotion video done by female members of JCI Tartus at the beginning of the program had an unexpected massive reach of over 107k; which is a tremendous number for a small city such as Tartus. The donations came from all over Syria and from males, females, children and elders alike. The fundraising concert also had a big impact on members of the society who were encouraged to support and donate to the association targeted. Many other initiatives were founded on the idea of the program that followed after its end.
The project in its entirety was organized by JCI members, which gave them the opportunity to challenge themselves and acquire new skills and experience a unique and diverse program.
The project also increased the number of audiences of the local chapter, many more active citizens were interested and excited to join, social media post Interactions was enormous.
The local chapter was able to make new partnerships and collaborations that would support upcoming projects.


searching for donations and funding in several other governorates because Tartus is a small city.
September's Gold, round 2

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