Rades Smart City


Ines Gharbi


From October 26, 2017 to December 31, 2030


Positioning JCI Rades as a pioneer of innovative solutions to improve the community quality of life

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Sustainable Development Goal

Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Rades Smart City aims to develop smart solutions to achieve a clean, sustainable city that caters core infrastructure and provides a decent quality of life for its residents.


Rades Smart City is a multi year, action plan that aims to introduce the concept of a smart city to the residents and local government, develop and establish Smart City projects in all the sectors with measurable indicators, and establish partnership for action with the local authorities and private sector. The program aims to change Rades to a smart city by 2030 through the implementation of 9 innovative solutions in six main components -- governance, active citizenship, housing, transportation, environment and economy. The project is built on two phases: a conception phase that took place in 2017 and an implementation phase which will extend to 2030.


The mission of Rades Smart City project is to transfer the city of “ Rades” to a, sustainable and high-tech city. Its long-term objectives are to:
- Institutionalize a participatory approach that includes the community, the local government and civil society organizations to co-design solutions for the city challenges;
- Introduce and implement high tech-solutions in partnership with the local government to enhance the community quality of life including economic, environmental and social development;
- And serves as an evidence-based pilot that can be duplicated in other cities in Tunisia.

Following the conception phase in 2017 and 2018, JCI Rades signed a partnership agreement with the local municipality to implement the projects that would solve the problems identified in the study phase.

The first solution to be implemented during 2019 is the Smart Public Lighting Project. Street lighting is essential for road safety, personal safety and urban ambience. However, many street lighting facilities are outdated and therefore highly inefficient. This leads to higher energy requirements and levels of maintenance in addition to increase cost. Introduction of smart streets lighting will make the lighting network more efficient while allowing for more control, real-time data and improved safety and security. Intelligent lighting systems have an integrated approach which includes: LEDs, sodium vapor lamps. The installation of these lamps will start in April 2019.


The main change that we would make to improve the results of the program is to accelerate the implementation of the solutions proposed by the citizens. This would be through getting new partners besides the local authorities and pitch the idea to other national and international stakeholders that are interested in the concept of smart city. In addition, many cities showed interested to duplicate the model of Rades Smart City as it relies on an evidence based approach through the development of measurable indicators. Increasing the collaboration with other cities could have increased the impact not only on the city of Rades but also in other cities.

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