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From December 2, 2018 to March 7, 2019


With this project, we want entrepreneurs to have a piece of clear and usable information about the sine qua non of the digital world, to use them actively in their projects and to be a training route in their venture trips.

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The main purpose of the JCI Digicon project is to benefit from the power and dynamics of digital. Changing dynamics in the developing global world, a digital transformation wind began. This transformation affects the visions of formations in a way that changes a lot of sectors. The aim of our project, which we started by saying that digital also has a culture; to differentiate, to increase efficiency, to create innovation, to create new revenue opportunities. JCI Digicon; combining digital power with an entrepreneurial spirit, keep pace with the era of digitalization, to achieve faster and spreading influence to problems and at best result JCI as a culture not only to entrepreneurs in Turkey in the world's many points of "entrepreneur" is intended to lead in the creation of generation digital transformation strategy.


The primary goal of JCI Digicon is to have a motto of digital culture. to ensure that the sectors take correct and confident steps in the initiative journey. JCI Digicon primarily aims to raise this awareness among individuals and then raise the importance and awareness of digital transformation before institutions and organizations. Partnerships and collaborations with; Kolektif House, Anadolu Sigorta(Anatolian Insurance), Trend Micro, Başakşehir Living Lab, İsimtescil(Domain&Hosting), Simurg Fellowship, Turkish Exporters Association and Google Dome Kamara Office and JCI Digicon have been the cornerstones of the JCI Digicon project.


Being the leading global network of young active citizens in terms of meeting the returns of the digital age, guiding entrepreneurs and reaching out to people from all age groups and from every sector, JCI has supported its vision with all its content.


We have started out by saying that digital has a culture. The world is digitalizing, so no one should be left behind. Don't leave the digital road!

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