JCI TV 2019


Elif Şen

Local organization

JCI Culture

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Elif Şen


From January 20, 2018 to March 13, 2019


JCI is known in the World

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JCI TV is make people together.Create for communicate the members of JCI online or www.jcitv.cc web tv format . Sharing the projects ,events or news via videos. So ıt shows all araound the world that "what JCI members or chapters working for" or what they will do or what did for the world . So through that way all chapters can contact to new members or new members wants to joın us. It's the best way to show who we are and what we do.


www.jcitv.cc it works over this web site and also you can find us on youtube. If your chapter want to share chapters' videos you need to send it to us than we will download the system and share to the world also through instagram @jcitvcc. We did also have live mode like what we did in Balkan congress 2018 in Istanbul Turkey. JCITV makes people together for more powerfull and more communicate and more sharing.


For two years, we create JCI TV and make all the system on.
This year we made an android application and we had lots of videos from the other chapters over the world.
JCI's 2023 goals have developed the target of recognition.


Send us your chapters' videos for what you did.
What you want to do we will share.
We'll show to the world.
JCI TV it created for you by JCI Culture.

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