Health Note


Stuart T Nyakatswau

Local organization

JCI Capital

National organization



Stuart T Nyakatswau


From January 1 to December 31, 2018


Mabelreign community

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


To educate, inform and empower the general public on living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle


JCI Capital’s Health Note project imparted knowledge to a selected population from the Mabelreign community. This community was randomly selected for the Health Note Project. We conduct trainings on wellness issues with experts and specialists in Health related issues to promote and raise awareness on Health and wellness in light of Non Communicable diseases.

Our needs analysis established that, Non Communicable diseases are mainly caused by issues of Diet, lack of Physical fitness, stress, alcohol and drug abuse hence they have been termed lifestyle diseases. Changes in lifestyle, cultural socialisation, technology and lack of knowledge influences the general populace thus people are unaware of preventative measures, unwilling to make lifestyle adjustments and take medication after diagnosis because they feel fine at the moment.

Actions Taken

Win a National Award – Best Local Project Win an International Award
To enable members involved in running the project, develop leadership, interpersonal relationship, communication and planning skills
Gain mileage in spreading the awareness of SDG3 and come up with practical tools that can be used towards achievement of the goal.
To conduct medical outreach and free health screening
Have a community that is proactive not reactive when it comes to health and well being
Conducted a seminar to educate women on NCDs
Have a community and members who aware of the symptom and causes of Non communicable diseases


1. More than 150 people were impacted through medical outreach
2. We gave recommendations to participants of the outreach program on how they can improve their healthy lifestyle
3. We have reached more than 1000 people on social media with information on how to fight Non Communicable Diseases
4. JCI members were empowered with information to support them on living a healthy lifestyle
5. Participants of the outreach program were happily aware of their health status and were ready to do something about it


There is need for more funding and partnerships so that we reach more people through outreach programs.

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