Jaycees Club


Farah Abdin

Local organization

JCI Lattakia

National organization



Farah Abdin


From January 1 to December 31, 2018


The Syrian Youth (members and non-members)

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted



Increase JCI Lattakia recruitment rate and offer the Syrian youth a wide range of extracurricular activities and development opportunities.


In accordance with JCI Lattakia growth plan of recruiting more young people and investing in the personal development of both JCI members and other young people from the local community, the Individual Area has implemented the Jaycees Club; a one-year strategic project that aims to increase the membership recruitment and provide more intellectual and physical development opportunities.
Jaycees Club’s scope of work was defined by establishing 5 distinguished clubs; (English Club, Book Club, Cinema Club, Sports Club, and Dance Club) to offer a wide range of extracurricular and educational activities that attract young people from different age groups and backgrounds.
Throughout 2018, Jaycees Club was available and accessible to everyone (JCI members and non-members). It provided the Syrian youth with unique development opportunities that matches their different interests. The project has successfully attracted more than 60 participants, increased the recruitment rate by (45%), and played a vital role in developing and expanding the reach of JCI Lattakia in the local community.


Based on the monitoring and evaluation process, the achieved results are:
-The recruitment rate has increased by (45%) and (21) new members were recruited, exceeding the mentioned expected recruitment rate (35%). We informed them about our upcoming projects to join JCI mission in our local organization.
-We established five distinguished clubs that offered wide range of extracurricular activities to the Syrian youth. The program was able to fill the gap in our educational system by providing them with intellectual and physical development opportunities on a regular basis in an empowering environment.
-We established English Club with 40 participants. They have acquired advanced English Language skills and become able to do a full job interview efficiently, (22) members became able to run a full conversation in English. All participants have upgraded their English vocabulary and grammar bank, which left a positive impact on their academic, professional lives and their performance in debates and public speaking skills held in English.
-We have spread the culture of reading and exercising among (50 members and non-members), who got introduced to the world-wide literature and famous novelists, regularly worked out together, and adopted those habits in their daily lives.
-The most remarkable outcome of our program was JCI Lattakia exposure and presence in the local community. Through Jaycees Club, our local organization has gained greater and better exposure among the Syrian society.
The project has successfully been able to present and introduce JCI to large number of people from different age groups, backgrounds and professions, and inform them about JCI vision and values to join our mission.
The Jaycees Club has offered JCI Lattakia a regular and constant presence and interacting environment, which positively reflected on the growth and development of JCI Lattakia.


Based on the monitoring and evaluation session, JCI Lattakia members learnt a lot through working in this project. They have improved their project management and time management skills, met the deadlines and worked together collaboratively during the 12 months baseline schedule.
Followings are our recommendations:
Punctuality: we made sure that all of our clubs has a casual environment and the friendly atmosphere. However, we should have been stricter when it comes to the lateness and unpunctuality situations.
English Levels: all young people were welcome in the English Club regardless their English language level. Therefore, there was a small gape between their English levels. We should have offered placement tests and conducted the club based on two levels (intermediate/ advanced) to make the most of it.

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