Mutlu Toksöz


March 17, 2019


To contribute positive effect on health while campaigning environmental pollution

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Development stage

Health and Wellness


Unifying the same environment without the importance of differences and enable the participants to work together for the same purpose without feeling the difference of language, religion and race.


Within the project of The World Clean-up Day, Yaşar Kemal Yürüyüş Parkuru has been cleaned by support of the project where people also contribute to the body in terms of health with the participants. The collected wastes are listed. The participants were informed about the amount of wastes contained in the soil and the wastes involved in the solid.


At the end of the event,

-All participants; All participants (25 people) were informed about the World Clean-up Day project

-16 bags of garbage were collected and the collected garbage were reported

-5km running was made and an average of 500Cal was burned in a 2 hour event

-The awareness of this activity was promoted by introducing JCI to the individuals who were sensitive to this activity.


- Similar activities within the project can be shared with more stakeholder to increase the impact.

- Local events with international participants should be organized more frequently.

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