Teaching English at Jerash Gaza Camp


Dana Shalabi


November 7, 2011


Refugees in Jerash Gaza Camp aged 5 to 10 and 12- 18

People impacted



1: To teach voluntary classes of English to members of the camp 2: To teach basic communication skills 3: To enhance students' confidence and positive thinking


Over 21 weeks ago, members of JCI Amman went to Jerash Gaza Camp to teach english to young students. We started with 15 students and now we have over 40. We chose this camp because UN based studies have shown that it is in fact one the worse off in Jordan.We offer our classes on a weekly bases to include conversation, reading, and writing. Our classes are taught by a team of volunteers


We want to increase the funds for this project to provide more teaching aid for teachers and stationary for students. We hope on the long run to extend our project to cover other underprivileged areas in the Kingdom We want to create more buss in the media


So far we got support from the Palestinian Embassy and we are still looking for more support.

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