Nous Les Africains | United Africa


Rim Ben Rabeh


March 16, 2019


The sub-Saharan and north Africans communities living in Tunisia

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Sustainable Development Goal

Reduced Inequalities

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Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Since ancient racism has manifested itself in various forms of slavery, colonialism, anti-Semitism, genocide, Nazism, apartheid African countries, the segregation of blacks in the United States, the modern ethnic cleansing as well as neonationalism. This ideology is unfortunately embodied in the
curriculum of the evolution of humanity. Because of this, it is ubiquitous at the individual level as well as at the scale social.
Morally odious, it is opposed to the ideas of justice, integration, fraternity and dignity human, that we at JCI defend, support and approve.
Recently, on our soil here in Tunis, a tragic incidents have marked the history of our country as well as that of our neighbors the Ivorians, including the misadventure experienced by our deceased "Falikou Koulibaly" in Dar fadhal, the Soukra. This tragedy we, members of the Junior Chamber International Local Members organization of Soukra, have prompted to take the initiative and responsibility to try to correct the impact that the latter has had on Tunisians as well as on our dear ones sub-Saharans.
Related to our principles of communion and fraternity, JCI Soukra have thought about uniting our African citizens under the same roof. Everything was done during an intercultural action so to restore confidence and establish between us as young African citizens a pleasant serene climate and warm. Our vision was to eliminate all kinds of discrimination and develop a culture based on diversity and create cultural richness. This event is entitled "Nous Les Africains | United Africa" in collaboration with Francophone Free Radio and the Municipality of Soukra, where we presented the traditions, the history, the gastronomy and the traditional dress of each country.


"Nous Les Africains | United Africa" is an intercultural exchange action that took place at Nahawand Space in Soukra on March 16th, bringing together 12 African countries: Tunisia, Niger, Angola, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Djibouti, Congo, Côte d Ivory, Mali, Mauritania, Chad.
We also had as guests, the National President of JCI Tunisia Bilel MAGDOUD, the presidents of 12 sub-Saharan associations and a representative of the association of minorities in Tunisia. Throughout the event, there were stalls dedicated to countries to represent their culture, traditional clothes, popular cuisine, etc. There were also afro dance shows, singing, a choir of peace, and a fashion show of traditional clothes.


* National and Global Impact:
A national partnership was born between JCI Tunisia and Ivorians This partnership aims to promote the universal values of JCI and so come to strengthen the mission and the JCI Creed.
* Community Impact:
The collaboration with RLF Radio Libre Francophone which is a radio listened mainly by communities sub-Saharan Africa thas made it possible to communities targeted by our action namely the communities in Tunisia in addition to Tunisians who have been sensitized by our different passages of Radios in the chains National and private.
*Local Impact:
The Soukra community has a high density of migrants of African descent and more specifically sub-Saharan. Being part of our community we have the duty to integrate them to the best and to promote the spirit of the union. However, the acts of violence that led to the death of the head of the Ivorian community a few months earlier, caused a great stir and sowed doubt about the commitment of the Tunisian community to accept foreigners of origin African on the soil of our country. Through our action "Nous Les Africains | United Africa", we have been able to initiate a change in mentalities by bringing people of different nationalities together and fighting against stigmatization and prejudices. The cultural sharing that took place and the intercultural debates allowed to obtain a diversified cultural mixture which reinforced the impact sought by our action.


we should always emphasize on the importance of the intercultural exchange and the richness of the african countries and promote peace, prosperity and sustainability in Africa through the universal values of JCI , mission and the JCI Creed.

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