Young Entrepreneurs


Catalina Brinza


From October 4 to December 4, 2018


Young Entrepreneurs, Established entrepreneurs, JCI Bucuresti, Community

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Short term - provide know how for starting young entrepreneurs, provide networking opportunities and media exposure for their business ideas Long term - Build healthy, new and profitable businesses in Romania. JCI Bucharest - Attract new members to the organization that represent JCI Values, fundraising


Bucharest is booming with young people and especially young people with entrepreneurial spirit. Many start but few businesses grow over the first 2 years. JCI Bucharest has identified the need for know-how transfer between established entrepreneurs and new comers. The point being learning how to due business from people with experience in Romanian economy - the Romanian business model not conforming to the ones taught in formal settings. Romanian laws and taxes being changed up to 10 times per year, learning any other model becomes theoretically useful but practically useless. The number of SMEs is vital for Romania's development and Bucharest is the most developed economic region of Romania. Participation was open to people from all Romanian cities so other communities can benefit on a national level Young Entrepreneurs has become a project of JCI Bucharest after the successful participation of our members in JCI's international Best Business Plan Competition in 2006-2009.
The school is based on real, Romanian, case by case studies done by experienced entrepreneurs based on their experience. It also offers the mentors the opportunity of identifying potential investment opportunities. The program acts as a business accelerator and participants have built business partnerships during the project. It aims to build sustainable businesses that are suited for the Romanian business, economic, legislative and fiscal environment.


The programme had 12 participants, 15 speakers, 15 mentors-entrepreneurs.
In this programme were involved 6 JCI members during the whole period.
Financial profit.
4 new members recruited after the programme closing.


From the feedback we received from the participants, a second stage of the programme is needed, for advanced businesses. After implementing the things they learned and the business-plan they made, they need more advanced knowledge and skills to grow.
This can be a more complex module or an intensive bootcamp.

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