Personal Coaching


Steven Pauwels


From November 1, 2018 to June 28, 2019


To actually create a direct impact on people willing to take on certain aspects of their lives.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Education and training is wonderful, but how many times do we say: Wow great training, I really need to do a or b! But in the end, due to excuses such as a lack of time, we don't do anything.
The idea of the Personal Coaching is to change that and to make the impact you want by means of the one on one approach.


The concept is simple: You cant to make a change this year? You want to learn something new, adapt your skills, grow in certain areas? Great! We will link you to an appropriate personal coach for the rest of the year in order for you to make that happen!
Best of all, you only pay about one third of the price of the coach (and they already give us special JCI pricing). The rest of the fees are covered by JCI Lier as a stimulus for our members.
If we want to be a great organization, we need great people and in order to get great people we need to continously let them grow. Thus investing in them is quite logical.
Since it's the first time this year that we organize this kind of coaching we aimed at reaching 4-5 people of our local organization. We did in fact reach 6, which we consider a succes. The idea is to let this concept grow and to spread it to other local organizations. We are already getting lot's of possitive feedback and questions about that.

Actions Taken

Put up a member fee of approximatly one third of the cost (125 EUR)
Free up budget from the local organization for this purpose
Discuss a lower rate with the coaches
Match and link coaches to members for their specific topic
Find coaches if requested topics are not yet available
Request topics from members who want to be coached
List topics that the coaches can provide
Find coaches willing to participate
Find coaches willing to participate
Create a roundup event or other type of roundup info package to show the actual impact on people who followed the coaching sessions and to promote it for upcoming years
Request feedback from coaches and members on quality and progression
Follow-up on progress between coaches and members
Motivate members to participate in this concept
Motivate members to participate in this concept


We had 6 coachings instead of the foreseen 4-5 and create a real impact. One of the members even landed a promotion based on the actions taken with the coaching sessions.
Everyone involved, from coachee to coach has been heard and is enthusiastic about it.
Topics are various going from personal development to carreer related which is very nice to see.


It would be nice to find specific sponsoring to pay for the coaching and to be able to attract more coaches on a vast variety of topics.

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